Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Iron Warrios army build vlog - Part 3

Hello everyone, in third part of my iron warriors project log im going to tell you a bit about product im using for making snow themed bases many of you requested. Click play and enjoy;-)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bonewhite chosen marines

Hello everyone by next "finished" piece at my table. After worst week of every year at my work i finaly found time to almost finish new mini diorama containing chaos chosen miniatures from dark vengeance starter set. Im saying almost as i think base it self ll need rework as soon as i ll get more different coloured leaves. I tought creating autumn theme base will be easier and knew i might have a problem with leaves as all i have have same color and as you can see from the picture my worries became truth. I tried to pick random leaves and give them different coat of washes and it certainly helped but it was not enought to create realistic impresion so thats why i ll need to get back to this base sometime in the future when i ll get proper materials to finish this mini project.
Another challenge i had to accept was painting and shading white on the marines, i never painted figures with dominant white color but i did not worried about that as i wanted dirty/bone like white looking models and even while figures are painted far from being called parfect i like how white suits new chosen miniatures. I chose black color for shoulder pad and red for the skirt as those are creating nice contrasts on figures and i really like this color scheme so much im almost regreting i started painting my army as iron warriors;-)
Other than that i think this mini diorama can still be saved and become one of my better pieces but i ll have to think about fallen leaves positiong better and place them to more natural places and ll have to get more colours of leaves as well. Maybee add pools of water using water effect to enhance autumn atmosphere i wanted and failed to create.
Anyway i quite like how the scene looks and im planing making showcase video next week as i ll be home alone and will finaly have time to update my youtube channel, make another part of my iron warriors army building log and showcase few more pieces i painted in recent month.
Thanks for reading and see you by updates soon!

Painting notes:
Space marines - light earth base coat, then airbrushed bonewhite from about 45 degree angle, adding highlight of white from directly above the model. Then washed whole model with gryphone sephia wash concentrating on bottom parts. Metal parts are painted using steel colour and then washed by agrax earthshade wash in two layers. Flesh parts are leviathan purple and squid pink for highlights.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday WIP - Chsm assault mini diorama

Hello everyone! I know i have bad working habits, but i cant help myself and i ve started working on another "mini" project instead focusing on finishing my second iron warriors terminator squad. I decided to play a bit with another set of chaos chosen marines from dark vengeance set i had waiting in my bits box and as you maybe noticed in past couple of months i felt in love with wooden bases and space they provide to add more atmosphere to miniature and looks so much better in my display shelf than figures on regular gaming bases.
This time i decided its time to use Model Scene autumn leaves i bought this summer when i visited local local plastic kit competition/exhibition and do somethink different than snow themed scene. I ve been thinking about colour scheme for chaos marines for this scene for couple of days and i came to idea trying dirty white colour scheme for theme as it would create nice contrast with autumn colours im planing for the base it self.
I know painting marines in this scheme ll be difficult for me as i ve never painted/shaded white coloured power armor but everythink has to be for first time once and as im not painting this for competition but just for my pleasure from painting i decided to give it a try. As you can see from work in progress picture floating around it ll probably wont end up like my personal masterpiece but i feel like i like the colour scheme and it realy suits these new chsm models. In the end i ll position miniatures better to create scene of one marine charging and second one walking up the stairs to join his assault that all on the rainy autumn themed scene with red leaves floating around the ruined city. I know i revealed pretty big plans for the base it self and impression will depend on how good i ll be able to transform my ideas on to it but we ll see pretty soon as im excited about the project and cant wait to finish this piece. Thanks for visit, and see you (hopefuly) soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not dead yet!

Hello everyone, this morning i realized i did not updated this blog for quite while so i have decided to let everyone interested in whats going on. First i did not painted a lot this month, as i ve got some problems with my injured leg as it hurted a lot so i did not wanted to force me in to the painting and right when leg was feeling like ok i ve got flu like every year in begining of december. So another two weeks when i was not feeling good and i need to feel right to enjoy painting. All of that combined with xmas rush when our whisky store where i work is turning in to the madhouse every year, and bocouse of that im comming home every evening exhausted, just ready for bed, check whats going on on the internet, maybee watch a film and fall asleep while watching.
However i ve been painting a little and have almost finished another box of chaos terminators almost ready to  do the basing job and bring you requested snow basing tutorial. I hope i ll be able to finish them along with bases this weekend.
Then i ve got another land raider box underneath my table waiting to be assembled and painted so i hope i ll have time to paint it during the few free days after the xmas.
But till then i want to paint few "refreshment" pieces(in fact i enjoy painting these refreshments most;-)) as i still have lots of chosen marines from dark vengeance boxes and to add more joy to my painting table i ordered box of fenrisian wolves to make on more space wolves mini diorama contaning these and leftover wolf guard terminators i ve got here allready.
Thats my plan what i would like to paint till end of the year and in january i ll want finish my iron warriors army and start playig casualy so i ll hopefuly bring few battlereports as well to enrich this little painting diary with a little of gaming.
Thanks for visit, thanks for reading and see you soon by more painting related articles!;-)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - finaly with pictures

Hi again today! I finaly fixed my problem with the camera and took decent pictures of wolf guard terminator i ve been painting last weekend so you can enjoy the figure in its full glory;-) Im quite pleased how he turned out while looking at him and i originaly tought i ll just paint this figure and sell it but right now i just dont want to give it away and i think it ll stay on my table for some time, at least till i ll make remaining terminators from the same box;-) As i know begginer space wolves players/painters are often looking how to paint different kinds of blue/grey colours  i ll add painting notes below again as i think it ll be easier to find when bit separated like this than mentioned somewhere in the wall of text.

Painting notes:
Armor: vma german grey/pale blue adding more pale blue as zenitaly highlighting.
Eyes: scorpion green, adding bit of white for highlights
Blood: vma scarlet red+uhu glue
Snow: Red Devil Onetime filler

First Vindicator painted

Hi all! Finaly i ve finished new piece for my iron warriors project and i cant imagine IW army without couple of vindicators;-) Here is first of two planned for my new army. I must say this was very annoying model to paint, not becouse the model itself but as i mentioned post ago i injured my leg on tuesday and it hurted as hell most of the time i was painting this piece and i had to force my self to paint at least hour per day to have this model finished by weekend as i dont want to be behind with my plan having playable army in january.
During painting i learned from mistakes i did while painting IW land raider and been more careful with washes creating more intense shading than i made on that LR month ago.  I quite like the model itself but i cant help my self and ll have to force me to learn painting lenses as they does not look good on any of my vehicles and are big let down. Another addition i have to make is to ebay hanging chains and chaos accesories like are on chaos land raider sprue asi i really like the chains but dont like spikes as i dont want my chaos vehicles look like hedgehogs;-)
Right now i consider vehicle 90% done, all the the painting(except lenses)is done and now its time for ebay hunt and call friends asking for obsolete bits whitch could be used to enhance models and add some little extra than aviable straight from the box.
Hope you like the model even its little boring at this stage of building, but thats what is it right now and i hope i ll please your eye bit more with chaos termies i ve got waiting for basecoat right now on my table. Thanks for reading and see you by next update of my iron warriors army!

Painting notes:
Hull - VMA Black metal airbrushed all over the model then added couple layers of airbrushed black shade wash creating shading.
Bozer blade - same as hull, on to hazard stripes area was airbrushed white primer first, then coat of VMA gold yellow. Black stripes are obviously painted by black colour. Then enriched the yellow coat by sephia wash again carefuly airbrushed in thin coats concentrating on the bottom parts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator showcase

Hello everyone! Finaly found a time to write an update as i hurted my ankle yesterday and im stuck at home with cripled leg. Sounds like good news as i ll have plenty of time paint models i ve got waitng unpainted on my desk for few following days, but with no commisions pending i ll be stuck without income for next week. However after 6 years it finaly came and i ll spend couple of days ill and take some rest and learn somethink new, walking with walking stick!;-)
Anyway, here is what i want to show you today a Wolf guard terminator i painted during last weekend. I used same colours like with second sentinel i ve been painting for my imperial guard army if you remember. Basecoated model with my favourite vallejo model air german grey and zenithal highlighting by adding VMA pale blue to the mix having ratio for final highlight about 1 part german grey and 2 parts for pale blue and added one more drop of pale blue for edge hughlights. Rest of the miniature is pretty obvious, used scorpion green for glow efect around eyes, added bit of white for eye highligh and so with the rest of the model.
I really enjoyed this as it was relaxing piece to give me break from iron warriors army im building right now and as space wolves were my first 40K army it was really interesting to compare how i ve been painting year and half ago and now.
Unfortunately i had some problems with camere so video showcase ll have to be enought for this piece and i hope you ll like it. Thanks for visit and reading & see you soon by more pieces for my chaos army;-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday relaxing with wolf guard terminator

Hi all! Wanted to say you hello today as i dont have anything to do for couple of minutes and you know that feeling when few minutes is not enought to start doing somethink and too much to do nothing. So why not write a short update to let you know whats on my desk right now;-) As i received package from wayland games yesterday i finaly have all the models i need to make my new chaos army playable at at least 1000 points, but along with chaos vindicator i recived wolf guard terminators box whitch i ordered as its wonderfull kit and i need a lot of bits from it to enhance quite boring sprues of chaos terminators. Im planning to use heads from wgt box, some power weapons, few extra shoulderpads and while i was cutting the wolf guard sprues i realized i ll have enought parts to make couple of wolf guard terminators just for my pleasure. Im nearly done with terminator i started painting this morning so i ll show you just black and white wip picture for now, but except finished pictures and maybee video showcase as well by tommorow. Right now i can say this piece was nice break from chaos sorched black coulour scheme and time to time you just have to paint side mini to clear your toughts and just have a few hours of break from bigger project. See you tommorow guys and thanks for visit & reading!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finished commisions - GK LRR and SOB Repressor

Hello everyone! With delay, but here they are. Pictures of latest finished commisions and i hope last commisons i took this year as i finaly want to paint army for my self and whats more important focus on my painting and try to improve on single models.
From now on i ll try to avoid painting for others as i experienced several painters burnouts during past couple of months and had to force me to continue to have a job done and i think its reflected on quality of these, but as long as im offering my services as a tabletop level quality i think these models turned out just well.
I think its a shame customer insisted on metalic colour scheme on land raider as i dont have a clue how to do proper shading on that big metallic surface and i would personaly chose grey coloured vehicles for Grey Knights army, but in the end i hope looking at this model on the gaming table ll not insult anyone and it ll look just fine for gaming purposes especialy when i consider in how terrible state i received the model.
Sisters Of Battle Repressor was the last of four vehicles customers ordered me to paint and i think the red shading turned out almost perfect. I did not applied as much weathering as to previevous three pieces and finaly found right ratio of dmage/rust/chipping for any red coloured vehicle i ll paint in future. I know this is highly individual but i found out while working of this quite big SOB commision red is trickier to paint than it may seem as every mistake is visible and it was complete different story than painting my imperial guard where dark grey camo tones were mistake-friendly and if you made some somewhere it could just be hidden by adding more chipping and it still looked fine. Not in case of red and as i have said allready, this was a great lesson im more greateful for than cash i received as reward.
Thaks for visiting this blog and see you soon as hopefuly new models for my iron warrior army should arrive next week and i ll be painting few more terminators along with space wolf hero im planing for my display shelf for some time allready;-) See you then and thanks for reading!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Warrios army build log - Part 2

Hi again, im back with promised second part of my Iron Warriors army build log. This time showcasing already seen terminator lord and chaos terminators, but i hope you ll enjoy them again, this time in motion and with comentary. Thanks for watching!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Iron Warrios army build log - Part 1

Hi All! I ve just finished first five testing pieces of MK3 Iron Armours for my Iron Warriors army and decided to start making a video log to capture how my army ll grow in following months as since next week i ll have all my free time finaly aviable for building my own army. Again i want for scorched looking metal colour scheme. Did not turned painting these to painting orgy, just made a basic table top level painting as i want this army finished fast and ready for playing hopefuly by january. If interested just click play button and enjoy first part of my iron warriors army build log and thanks for visiting! See you soon by more pieces as i ll showcase whats done as well and have more plastic kits incoming so i think i have few bussy months ahead of me.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Third Iron Warriors lord done

Yes, i felt in love with chaos lord kit and i keep ordering more of them. Here is my third take on it and im still looking forward to buy fourth kit to make another terminator lord for my collection;-) I know it might seem crazy for someone, but as i stated when finished my first iron warrior lord i feel like this is the best hq kit gw ever produced so i think it never hurt to have another ready for use under my painting desk.
I found this box contain a lot of interesting bits like precious combi meltas, claws and additional pieces so needed while regular chaos terminator box lacks optional parts so its definetly must have purchase for someone planing terminator themed chaos army. Another good source of bitz for chsm terminator customization is allready mentioned wolf guard terminator box, but more on this later when i ll be building second five of terminators.
As you can see i did few little conversions on this lord as i had nothing to do while i was waiting for spare parts for my airbrush and package with my ussual monthly order of gw plastic crack arrived earlier then i expected. I changed his leg pose a little cutting a bit there and adding bit of green stuff there to add bit of motion to otherwise static pose. In his left arm is sword stolen from dark vengeance chaos lord as i like this weapon a lot and i just realized non of my terminators have a sword, but its a shame this bit is a bit bended and i dont know if there is any way to fix the plastic parts somehow simillar to how resin bits can be straighten. ¨
For his second arm i was experimenting a bit with different positions of hand holding bolter, but it felt strange, distrupting impression of the pose so i decided to use second close combat weapon and decided to use axe as i like cold brutal feel of it.
For cloak enhancing i used chain skirt from the lords sprue and cutted it in to the slices to get few chains to be used as a cloak decoration. Added hook,skulls and while i did not manged to give the cloak look even close to angrons one (whitch was in my mind while i was cutting the chains and inspired me to try doing somethink simmilar) i still like this little enhancement and whats most important, i ll dont have 3 figures with same cloaks on the table when i ll take this army out for battle for first time;-)
Let me know your opinions and as quality of paint is not as great as in case of  previevous two terminator lords i quite like the little enhancement i ve made on this figure and i think it looks decent enought for gaming table. Thanks for reading, visiting and hope i ll add an update for this iron warriors project soon(damn forge world, im tired of awaiting packing order status). Thanks and see you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Iron Warriors project status

Hello everyone! Unfortunately i was not able to write updates as often as i would like to, but to be honest there was not much to write about past two weeks. As i took one week painting break and then started working on commisions and unfortunately damaged my airbrush during first cleaning. I had to wait for spare parts another week and delaying iron warriors project another week back.
Right now i am working on sisters of battle repressor and ll hopefuly finish it by tommorow morning and ll share picture and few toughts about painting red coloured vehicles with you.
While i was taking wip picture of repressor for client i decided to take a picture of whats finished for my iron warriors army and i feel quite excited how these few minatures looks together and started thinking about additions im planning to paint in following month.
Right now i we got another chaos lord in terminator armour with few little conversions basecoated ready and  waiting for gold parts and details to be painted. Next week ll hopefuly arive forge world order containing my first troop choices as i decided to replace old boring chaos space marine plastic miniatures with wonderful resin MKIII iron armored marines. And to keep me bussy i plan to order another squad of chaos terminators and wolf guard terminators to combine some of the bits as chaos termies dont have much options on their sprues.
After these few kits finished im planing to order wonderful obliterators from hi-tech miniatures as my early xmas present and after that i ll have to finaly decide on my army composition. Im still unshure if i ll use dual land raider supported by two vindicators list or just make 30 terminators list supported by few obliterators and cheap troop choices. Both lists im considering are not competetive at all, but at this moment when looking at little group photo floating around this article i just dont care and for first time i enjoy painting somethink i like and not whats powerful in codex;-)
Thanks for reading guys and see you next time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chaos Land Raider - 99% finished

Hello everyone, after one week long break caused by purchasing new computer combined with release of new X-com release(god i loved ufo games)i decided its time to share with you whats new on my desk. I ve been working on land raider for my new army during the weekend and five minutes ago i tought its finished, but just now on pictures i notced i forgot to apply black wash to the receses on the armor, but otherwise than that i consider this model finished and i ll show it to you completely done in few weeks when i ll be doing another video showcase for chaos terminators i have in almost finished state as well and another chaos terminator lord im going to order right after i ll finish this post.
Painting this piece was a fun as always with land raider kit. Assembled without a problem as i decided to glue doors in place so i dont had to play with opening mechanism as i decided i ll not paint interior as it would never ever be seen again anyway.
Painting went almost smooth and i was experimenting a bit with vma black metal paint as a main color for this model. I quite like it how the grey/black chasis color turned out as its not boring black but i think i could add some texture to the model as right now its just boring flat surface. Adding some pigments and accesories form chaos sprue helped the model a bit, but its still not perfect and i have to think about this issue to be ready for another pieces for my army(another land raider and two vindicators are planned for this project).

You might be asking why the skulls on the chains are covered by bloody mess, well this was inspired by Storm of Iron book, when in the begining some of the iron warriors are slaughtering captives just before battle to please blood god so i tought it would be nice idea to have fresh looking skulls on the model as it would be demoralizing for the oponents seeing parts of their captured brothers mutilated spiked on the approaching iron warriors vehicles. And what i noticed after reading a book i think this would suit iron warrirors perfectly.
Havoc missile launcher is magnetized as i like how it looks but i do not intend to play them on my land raiders so they can be taken off the vehicle(and get lost) just before the game very easy.
Well and thats all i have to say about this model right now, if you have any questions just ask them and i ll try to answer. Thanks for reading guys and see you(hopefuly soon)by more sisters of battle & grey knights stuff i have to paint next. See you!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Decision made - going iron warriors

Hello everyone, i ve got few hard days deciding if i should build chaos space marines army or not. Well as you see on the first picture its obvious i decided to build iron warriors army i ve been planing for couple of months. I came with idea of replacing humble power armored chaos marine model with forge world MK2(or MK3 im still not decided)armor and i might actualy be able to build a legal list close to what i was planing. Not much to say right now as im rushing to chatch morning bus to work but i ve just unpacked land raider and my plan is to build it during today and tommorow so i can bring you picture of finished model by sunday. Hope you like the first finished squad of my terminators(still have to drill barell holes) as i ve painted them same way as my chaos lords, just skiped and simplified a little some details as i would like to have army finished and ready for 1750p games by january and finaly start playing at least time to time. Hope you ll enjoy watching me working on this project, but dont worry, there will be few refreshments on the way as i have few commisions pending so i ll try to avoid monotonous streak of chaos related articles. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! See u!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All hope is gone - new chsm dex impression

Hiya again! Since yesterday morning i have just one thought echoing through my head. "wham am i going to do?" as i opened leaked chsm dex yesterday and all my hopes about rumored possibility of building all chaos terminator army were gone. Some of us dreamers belived rumored info that Abaddon will make terminators troop choice, however that was not truth. Instead of that he makes chosen troops, whitch may be nice for someone but not for me as i always loved all kind of terminator models and with new chsm dex comming it seemed like perfect idea for me that would suit my taste and finaly allow me to build low model count/easy to transport army for my casual gaming. What am i going to do now? I ve got several options.

Chose another terminator army - If someone likes terminators there is obvious choice of Bellials deathwing. I always liked bone coloured colour scheme, and the idea of all terminator army. It would be pretty easy to build with some forge world parts even nice looking army, but i never read any book about dark angels and i dont think i would like them fluff wise.

Another all terminator army possible is space wolves Logan-wing. Wolf guard terminators have excelent plastic kit, there is no need to order any additional forge world parts, i like idea of drunken space vikings and i had space wolves army before so i still feel i am a bit connected to them. Hovewer i dont know where i should get multiple cyclone missile launchers i would need as i searched ebay briefly and did not find any:-/ Other problem is that my most frequent oponent im going to play against in near future have my old space wolves and that would just not feel right to play wolves agains wolves all the time.

And i hoped i ll be able to build whole army of these:-/
Grey knight paladin army is another possibility for me, i know i could paint them well with all that popular eye catching force weapons and turqoise glow effects. I ll dont have to hunt for needed plastic bits as gk paladin kit is just awesome containing all you need to build an army. All i would need to get as addition are some custom parts from forge world, but i would have to get few of them if i decide for space wolves again as well so thats not really an issue. But again there is somethink i dont like about this idea. Everybody right now plays GK and i dont want that popular army.

Yes i can still build chsm army based on terminators and add two cheapest troops to sit on my home objectives and hope to wipe oponent out of his objetvies, that would not be a problem as im not aiming for competetive list at all, but i started wondering why i should start building an army where i like just few models(i think im too old for collecting robo-chicken-like daemon engines) and want to avoid others at all cost, if it would not be better to just move on?

Another and right now most probable possibility is to screw army building idea and use some of the saved money to buy my self a new nice new airbrush(thinking about harder & steenbeck infinity) and focus on improving my painting as i enjoy this part of hobby most anyway.
As you can see there is a lot of toughts circling my head right now and right now and i dont know what path i ll take in few following days. If you want to help me deciding then comment and let me know your opininons as i would like to hear them. Thanks for reading this wall of text and see you by next post!;-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No remorse - Iron warrior slaughtering Krieg video showcase

Good morning once more! Im back once more today to share showcase of my latest work with you. Hope you ll like this display base same as i am and you ll feel at least a bit of atmosphere i tried to recreate based of my imagination of iron warriors. Thanks for visiting and enjoy video!;-)

Painted chaos giveaway winner

Hello everyone! I would like to say many thanks to all the competitors and here is vid of drawing one of you. Congrats to the new owner & and wish best luck to all others next time! Thanks for everyone who contributed and see you all again soon!

Monday, October 1, 2012

No remorse - IW vs Krieg display base finished

Good Mornin everyone! I ve just finished this lovely piece of plastic today morning. In fact the miniatures themselves were finished 6 hours after i posted first wip pictures but i ve been playing with base whole yesterday. Waiting for white glue dry, then waiting for onetime spackling whitch i used for snow to dry(awesome product from red devil company). Then again waiting for blood and gore made from mix of scarlet red, burnt umber and UHU glue to dry properly, so as you can see i ve been waitng a lot;-) In the time between of all the drying i had few tasty hamburgers and today morning i ve just added few last details like icicles and so.
Terminator is like the last one i ve built magnetized for all weapon options and attached to base by magnets as well, so i can put him on a gaming base if desired easily. Originaly i ve been planing this piece with storm bolter in one hand and chainfist in another as i tought it would be nice stylish tool for this scene but after i tried how power axe looks i knew its cold, brutal look looks much better and adds more brutal atmospehre to the piece than futuristic weapon like chainfist. However im glad i have all weapon options prepared by side as i can switch them if needed. In fact im switching them a lot just playing with the miniature on the table time to time and with previevous terminator i cought my self playing with the model for about hour while doing "pew pew" on my guardsmen;-)
Dont really have much more to say about this piece as i dont know what you might be interested in so if you have questions, want to replicate some parts of this on to your own model, then feel free to ask me in comments, it ll be pleasure to answer you. Thanks for reading and see you tommorow as i ll announce chaos giveaway winner and hopefuly add showcase video of this piece. See you!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

No mercy - CHSM vs Krieg mini diaorama wip

Hello again! After a while i have somethink to share with you on pages of this painting diary. I just finished another part of sob commision(ll take pictures later)and right after a cigarete break i started preparing another project, this time for me to have another magnetized terminator lord serving as an action figure toy when im sitting bored at my desk;-) I decided to make him a decent base as i have few wooden ones around and finaly found use for this krieg mini i have in my bitz box for quite a long time. So far i ve used cork to to make me rocky looking base and completely magnetized terminator for all the weapon options, and even put magnets in to his feet so i can swith display base and gaming base with ease.
I came with the idea of making this mini diorama when i was ordering latest white dwarf and then i ve been thinking about what else should i add to the basket as it seemed stupid to me to order just WD and nothing else so i added this chaos terminator lord to the basket to satisfy my need to spend some money.

The plan i so to paint this terminator simmilar to my first iron warrior terminator lord and krieg ll recevie same colour scheme like the quarter master i ve been painting few months ago as i quite liked how the grey/blue colour scheme fits the krieg miniatures. I ve been even thinking about trying non metallic metals on the terminator as it would be exciting to try something new, but i cant help my self as i think this technique would not fit my imagination of chaos space marines so i ll better stick with my favourite vallejo metalic colours.
Base it self is going to be grey rock covered in snow while krieg ll have realy huge brutal looking blood trail behind him. I hope i ll  be able to give this scene atmospehere at least closing to the vision inside my head, but if not then nothing happen as im quite shure i ll enjoy painting this does not matter what;-) I have to  think about the base a bit more as i know its missing somethink and hopefuly i ll start painting this fun fun fun project by tommorow. Thanks for reading guys and see you soon. Oh, actualy very soon as i ll have to announce the winner of the painted chaos chosen giveaway in following days. See you then and i wish our chaos giveaway competitors good luck!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Never ending story - Sisters Of Battle wip

Im back again with quick update about whats hapening on my desk. As you can see i received another part of pretty big Sisters Of Battle commision. Right now i basecoated all three vehicles so they are ready to receive first coat of red colour, but still lot of work needs to be done on these and it ll be bussy for me as i promised i ll finish them till next sunday;-) On the other side i have somethink to paint till new CHSM dex ll be aviable in stores and little extra cash before new GW release is always useful. Painting these ll be quite challenging as i received the models asembled allready, but im getting used to it and and as long as custromer understand everythink can not be perfect when i recive model in this state im fine with it. Wish me luck and steady hand in following week and i hope afeter these ll be finished i ll finaly paint few chaos themed pieces! Thanks for reading and see you!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sisters Of Battle Rhino - another "repainting" commision

Hello everyone! Just finished another commision worth sharing with you.Again as in case of grey knight razorbacks i received painted model and was asked to do somethink about it. Model was in much better condition than in previevous case, however not ideal. I received the model sprayed in red colour whitch was almost great but colour created small thick pools around the edges of most armour plates and in some details like winged skulls and other details. However i never painted rhino with all of the extra fw upgrades on it and i must say i enjoyed the model almost like doing it for my own collection.
I started with black undercoat as i wanted to have model clean before i ll start working on it. Then followed grey highlight over most of the upper model model parts to add white highlight to most exposed parts. With model preshaded like this i gave it coat of vma fire red to create nicely shaded surface. It took some time as i ve been softening colour transitions and added one more fine highlight of vma scarlet red. Rest of the painting was rutine. Added chiping with mix of black/brown colour, oil washed rivets, painted the details, add pigments around exhaust and little bit of dust pigments around the tracks and thats it. Ressult is not perfect and im not happy with some details, but as i received model allready painted i could not do much with few extra layers of paint in fine receses. Anyway i hope customer ll be happy with the look of "refined" model and i ll be given oportunity to take care about rest of his sisters of battle vehicles.  Let me know your opinon, do you think this commision is worth 25USD? Thanks for reading and see you by the next pieces.

Monday, September 17, 2012

How do i take miniature photos

My photo setup
Hi again! I have been told many times that i have nice pictures of my miniatuares and while i was asked about my photo setup yesterday again i was thinking about that maybe they are probably not as bad as i think they are. And thats why i decided i might help somebody with photographing miniatures to share my setup and cheap photoshop trick i ussualy apply to my pictures;-)
As you can see on first picture my setup is pretty simple, using box i sprayed in black and some gradient i printed out as a background. You can use any stand for your miniatures but here you can see home made spining wheel i use when making video showcase. If you are thinking is made from dvd case and two dvds then you are right and i think its pretty obvious how to build one for yourself so i dont think its neceseary to write about that.
As a light source i use standart desk lamp with daylight bulb covered by napking or four napkins(it depends)to disperse and soften the light. Be careful if you ll try this and dont leave your lamp turned on with napkins on it for too long if you dont want to set your home on fire;-)
Third importantant thing you ll need is some kind of stand for your camera as you dont want to take pictures with shaking hands so for this purpose that big can of vallejo water effects serve really well.

Aprox curves setting
Now about the camera, i use really cheap Sony Cyber-shot digital camera whitch you can buy really, really cheap and if you are sick of photographing with your phone take it as pictures from mobile of any kind(you dont really trust cheap iphone adverts?)ll never reach same quality as mega pixels does not really matter and is the least important thing you should be interested in while buying a camera. Optics lenses and colour chip is what you are interested in and thats why mobiles ll never replace regular cameras as they simply dont have the room for that big lens and optics like even cheap camera have. Before i confiscated my girlfriends Sony cyber shot i ve been trying to take pictures with many other cheap cameras, for example Nikon coolpix for most of the time, but ressults were not even close to what you can get with that low end sony. It cost about the same, but if you are looking for really cheap camera that should replace your cell phone for miniature photographing then take your time and found that Sony CyberShot DSC-S730 somewhere;-)

Best low end camera i found for miniature photography
Ok now you took the pictures, have them in your computer and now what? I usually open photoshop, load the pictures in and do few adjustments. First thing i ussualy do is to auto adjust levels and then i go to curves and adjust them to somethink like you see on second picture. This may depends and it ll be different with each picture and you have to tweak with it by yourself but i wanted to give you at least idea what to do with your picture to make your photo as close as posible to the reality when under naked eye.
Hope this gave you idea how i take pictures and possibly help some of you out with your own pictures. Thanks for reading and see you soon as im having unexpected holiday and ll problably paint few models!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Painted chaos chosen free giveaway!

Hello everyone, when i was purchasing multiple chaos halves from the 6ed stater sets i was wondering what am i going to do with so many snap fit models while i ll have use maybe for one full squad of chosen in my chaos army im plannig to build and if i would need more of them i would probably buy chaos chosen boxed set as i dont want two identical models on board at the same time. I came with idea i should do somethink for those few readers of this little painting diary and give them away for free, just to make someone happy. As you can see, and if you are reading this blog regulary you allready know these are from first batch that arrived to my workbench and therefore they were test subjects in research whitch colour schemes suits these new miniatures best. Experiment did not provided any ressultss at all, as in the end im even more unshure what colours should i pick for the new project i ll hopefuly start next week, and i hope it ll start as rumored announcement date of new chaos space marines codex is same as my birth date(that would be a wonderful gift from chaos gods:-o). However i have 4 painted miniatures and i have no other use than collecting dust so why not make somebody who likes them happy;-)
Original idea was i ll give away each one separately, but as i live in country with moxt expensive postage on northern hemisphere of earth i decided there ll be only one winner that ll take all. Im sorry for that but postage cost combined with prohibition issued by our goverment this friday force me to save some money on this as i am working in family whisky/liqor store and i basicaly became unemployed at the moment prohibition was issued. Hopefuly this situation ll not last long and i ll keep smugling hat and tommy gun hidden in my closet, but in the end it has its bright side as well as i have a lot of models to paint left and now i can spend my time on them;-)

However lets get back to giveaway, if you like the models...thats the first assumption, and you want the models for your collection(ah thats the second one)you must do two things. First one is to have a look to the right sidebar of this blog and found the follow button and subscribe to this blog. The second and last thing to do is to comment on this post stating you want the models. 1st of october(or around that date) i ll randomly chose one of you and announce the winner. Then winner will have to contact me and tell me his delivery adress, but we ll talk about that later when we will know the winner. Please note im SHIPPING FOR FREE only to EU&RUSSIA + US, if you live elsewhere then i am sorry, but i cant afford that. Its simple as that, i hope somebodey ll want these models and i wish you nice weekned. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black Legion Hell Brute - video showcase included

Hi again, im back with another finished model and another video showcase. Its the Hellbrute again, this time in black legion colours and much darker flesh colours then i used while painting first one. I did not succeeded to achieve exact flesh colours i wanted, but i got much closer to what i wanted than whith previevous model. I basecoated model with mix of skin tone and grey to airbrush shadows later shooting black shade wash. After the shadows were painted i continued to highlight flesh parts with pure skin tone and then i added almost final highlight of bleached bone. After that i glazed raised area with mix of bleached bone and white. Armour parts were basecoated by steel colour and then darkened by two layers of black shade wash. I know i could paint armour straight black and then highlight it with some gray tones but i like the effect the method i used gives. Gold parts were painted by vma gold and then shaded a bit with help of agrax earthshade wash. I felt like i should add somethink to the gold parts so i added some copper like rust by mixing turquoise and green colours and then i started feeling good while looking at almost finished model.
 Horns were painted with sandy brown and then darkened with agrax earthshade again. Tips of horns were highlighted with mix of sandy brown/bleached bone. I did not came with any idea how to paint "pilots" head and i was thinking about replacing it with more tentacles or by huge single eye, but the problem is i dont have any tentacles bits(and my ability to green stuff somethink sux) and eye idea came after the model was glued so there is no reasonable way to place some ball inside and paint it like an eye. However im quite happy with the look of this model, but i think i could do the various cables better as black colour looks quite boring. I know black legion armour should be pure black, but as i ve said before, i like the scorched armour like look this  approach give to the model and its closer to my imagination how chaos space marine armour should look. I hope you like the model at least same as i am. If not, let me know why and if you are impressed same as i am, then click on the play button below to watch video showcase of this piece;-) Thanks for reading and see you again very soon!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chaos chosen finished pictures & video showcase

Not much to say, i finaly took pictures of testing pieces to found out im still not decided what colours im gonna chose for next starter set im going to paint:-o Hope they ll give you idea how these new miniatures looks in different colours and make your decision about colour scheme for your models easier. As you can see i tried violet emperors children-like scheme, semi metallaic scheme for iron warriors, turqoise with blue highlight for thousand sons and the last one is painted in red as they are featured on games workshop site. As i ve said im still not decided what i ll do with next batch of chaos chosen miniatures and still have lord and another two chosen left on the table just preshaded but i think i ll leave them till new chaos space marines codex ll be aviable as if i ll like it i ll probably chose iron warriors scheme and if dont...well i hope i will, but if not i ll chose brighter scheme, probably 1k sons or emperors children and just paint them just for my display cabinet. Thanks for visiting and if you want enjoy the video showcase! Thanks

Chaos chosen 1K sons theme & crimson slaughter Hellbrute

Hi all! Just cleaned my painting table of the mess i ve made on it during past few days while working on chaos chosen miniatures from the new starter set. I was unsure about colour scheme so i ve decided to try different scheme with each miniature as i bought multiple chaos halves and dont really have to care about every single model. At the begining i enjoyed painting each miniature different but now when i was testing thousand sons colours i cought my self just slapping the paint on to the model and not caring about the details. Thats why i decided to take a break for couple of days, do some other stuff and share with you whats done. I already shown you crimson slaughter, iron warriors and emperors children schemes so i ll not post all the pictures again(in fact im plannig to make showcase vid just after the lunch)and for now snap shot of 1k son facing crimson slaughter Hellbrute will do for couple of hours until i ll prepare the video. Please note these are just quick gaming pieces and there is still a lot of space for improvement and i hope i ll be able to grab at least some of it next week when i ll start working on another set. Thanks for reading and see you soon by the showcase video!;-)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chaos chosen theme testing - emperors children, iron warriors

Hi again, im back to show you another two almost finished miniatures from new 40k starter set. This time i chose my favourite iron warriors colors and ugly looking emperors children theme. I know these are pre-heresy colours but i just cant stand heresy era emperors children scheme as it seems almost deviant to me:-o It was preshaded like i described in last article and given coat of Hexed Lichen followed by zenital highlight of HL again with some Squid pink added in to the mix. Iron warrior was done same as the terminator lord, Gunmetal basecoat followed by Steel Highlight and after that sprayed by vallejo Black shade wash. These minatures still need some finishing touches like weathering, battle damage and bases and i hope they ll really move forvard impression from them, however i still have thousand sons and maybee death guard themes to try out and most important is hellbrute still waiting not even primed on my desk;-) Let me know whitch colour suits to these awesome new minatures best and see you by weekend by hopefuly finished chosen models, thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6th ed. starter - testing crimson slaughter theme

Hi again everyone! I ve just jumped out of the bed and made few finishing touches on the model i started to work on yesterday. I was surprised these minatures paint themselves alone, i dont know how i was able to paint this mini just under two hours:-o However i have to work on organic parts as im not satisfied with colours i used and ll have to improve this with next pieces. However im going to have coffe, cigarete and start working on next piece. I have chaos lord from the starter set allready painted red but i just cant resist to try next piece in black legion colours.
Anyway i like how red on this miniature turnde out as i tried to preshade model for first time over black undercoat with white and then started aplying reds from darker tones(vma fire red)and moving my airbrush above the miniature with brighter red(scarlet red) to finish highlighting with almost orange red(light red). Same approach like everytime i paint space marines miniatures but preshading model with white colour helped me a lot to achieve desired level of shading. I might do a step by step guide while i ll be working on more pieces but its a really easy way to make your miniature decently shaded. What a shame i did not tried this earlier:-/
Anyway thanks for reading and hope you like my first chsm testing piece.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crimson Slaughter arrived to my workbench

Good morning everyone! Yesterday evening i finaly got my hands on to the chaos part of new starter set. I decided to try various colour themes on these miniatures as i have multiplne chaos parts of starter set incoming by post. Plan is to try crimson slaughter theme featured on the box, black legion and im really looking forward to try this as i want to try highlighting black to the purple as i ve been impressed by this in space marine video game and last theme im going to try is semi metallic iron warriors scheme i tried on my chaos terminator lord couple of weeks ago. Right now i ve got first batch of miniatures preshaded and tried airbrushing red on the claws-guy and i think i ve got a solid base to paint on.
Maybe you are wondering what am i going to do with various chaos starter set miniatures painted in different schemes...well i ve been thinking about it and after the job ll be done i might giveaway couple of them to my blog followers!;-) Yes this ll cost me a bit as i live in country with most expensive postage on northen hemisphere of earth but i think it ll be a nice way to say thanks to followers of this little painting diary watching my pregression with paint and brushes;-) I have quite bussy week ahead of me, but i hope i should have finished first pieces by the weekend. See you then and thanks for reading!;-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bringing ruined models to tabletop quality - GK razorbacks

Hello again! I feel like i did not bothered you with update for some time, so i think its time to share with you whats on my desk right now. Unfortunately these are not new chaos models(hopefuly they ll arrive tommorow)but kind of unusual comission.
After i painted space wolves razorback last month and received very positive feedback i decided to do a discount comission offer for painting rhinos/razorbacks this month. I received question from the customer asking if i could repaint allready painted models in state as shown on the picture. I never tried somethink like this before and when i saw brush strokes all over the models i tought this ll be hard.  However i agreed, explaining i can do this, however i can not guarantee ressult. Customer agreed, models came by post and i started working on repainting these razorbacks to grey knights colour scheme. The main issue i had with them during repainting is that they are sprayed by cheap hobby store spray and vallejo colours are creating small crackles while applied on this surface even afer the models received two coats of grey primer. However customers request was to bring these to table top quality and i hope i succeed achieving this goal. What a pitty i had to give models two coats of varnish becouse paintjob was very fragile on this non ideal basecoat and could be scratched off by finger nail, and model lost its shiny effect the model air steel color usually gives, but at least painting is now durable and as i tested on the back door it can not be scratched off and should whitstand normal handling. Repainted two of these so far and another two just landed on my table right now as customer was excited about how his models can look like and bringed me the next batch i had to paint during today as i want to jump right on to the new chaos models as soon as the postman with package appear at my door. Thanks for reading and see you by next update, most probably containing new 6ed starter set content!;-)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hard way towards improvement - 8 months later

Devilfish from dec last year
Hello everyone! After more than 8 months i remebered how depressed i was last december when i was trying to become better painter. I started taking this hobby seriously last summer and it was frustrating as i liked painting miniatures but was unable to achieve any improvement. Now when im looking back at the pictures of my old miniatures im begining to feel a little optimistic and whats more important, i enjoy painting even more!;-)
While looking at the space wolf i painted during last xmas im realizing how many steps i made, how many new trick i learned and how much confidence i gained while holding brush.
I think major break in my painting came when i started using airbrush, even cheap one, with compressor salvaged from old fridge, it opened me whole new dimension of thinking about miniature painting, i could start trying some of the advanced techniques while painting vehicles and through another series of stupid mistakes and dissapointments i finaly started noticing some improvements while painting vehicles.

Rune priest painted while trying to improve for first time;-)
 Brush painting was much harder to improve, but major improvement came from my lazzyness. As i live in very small apartment and dont have the room to store all my paints on my painting/computer desk i ve put all my citadel paint pots to metal box i have underneath the table and  and as i had vallejo model air colours stored on the shelf above the desk i started using model airs even while painting with humble brush. Dropper bottles themselves forced me to start using pallete. Im not using wet pallete at all, but my collection of Profesionals(sorry Bodie and Doyle)and Red Dwarf dvds served excelent;-) I got used to work with very diluted paint and started diluting these model airs even more, started feeling comfortable working with multiple thin layers on the model rather than covering everything in first coat.Then i watched miniature mentors speedpainting dvd and it opened my eyes and i started to experimenting with preshading technique shown there and i finaly started receiving better results when paiting. My first mini i was excited about was krieg commissar whitch came to my table totaly unexpected as i did not wanted to paint kriegs at all but i just could not rezist 2usd price for the mini and in the end i really enjoyed evening i spent with that piece of resin.
After that i started working on more cadians for my imperial guard and i must say i had a lot of fun when i was painting second command squad box, and even with low cool mini or not ratings they are still ones of my favourite figure models.
Lemna Russ, my favourite model
While painting more vehicles i noticed my valkyries received great feedback and make me happy for a while i started noticing that i should not measaure paintjob quality just by uploading pictures to CMON and then wait for 50 votes. I noticed it was pretty easy to achieve cmon rating of 8 with my first valkyrie as it is nice model, everybody like the kit and eye candy factor is pretty high in this case, however achieving same ressult with leman russ is almost impossible to me. Does not matter i improved my painting process for vehicles ten times since i picked airbrush in to my hands for first time(first valkyrie), it is just ugly model and most people ll rate it lower than ussual unless u give them some cheap eye candy. This is the case of the space wolves razorback i did couple of weekneds ago, i painted that box on tracks very fast, in fact if i would exclude airbrush cleaning time and model assembly it would be under one hour, but i added simple osl under the lights. Woha! Pll are excited crying its awesome model on games workshop facebook, but i feel dissapointed as i did much better models before and nobody cared about them, received under average cmon rating and it seemd like nobody likes them.
Razorback with eye-candy element;-)
Dont get me wrong, im glad ppl liked that razorback, but when i was listetning opinions on my latest model, the chaos terminator lord, ppl claiming its a pitty i did not made glowing power weapons as they should be glowing i realized i have different priorities when looking at the finished model than most audience. My priority is to feel the atmosphere of the model and in case of that terminator lord i wanted the paintjob to represent grim/dark/cold feel of how i imagined chaos space marine should look and im pretty sure adding luna park-like glowing effect whenever is possible would ruin the impression from the model. I came to conclusion i could receive more positive feedback, get more followers on this little blog, get better cmon ratings if i would start adding these little eye catching features to my models, but that would not be me if i would take the easier way.

One month old speedpainted krieg
Conclusion is same as was 8 months ago, have to work even harder, paint even more models and do what i enjoy most, paint models how would i imagine them in my head, not how would majority want them to look like. I belive if i ll keep trying then better results ll come naturaly and i ll be able to move ideas from my head more acurate to the models and be even more satisfied with the outcome. However, thanks to writing this little painting diary i can feel little less depressed about my painting as it allows me to have a look in to the recent past and see how i was painting year ago and i think i managed to get at least little better and feel great about it. Sure, it could be better, but its enought for me right now. The pursue of improvement can wait till tommorow when my daemon prince ll arive;-)
Thanks for reading guys and see you on weekend as im going to visit plastic kit exhibition and i ll try to bring you some pictures from that awesome event.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Iron Warrior Terminator showcase

Hi again everyone! Im back once more with my chaos terminator lord. Video is prepared so why not share it with all of you. Thanks for visiting, watching and please let me know your opinions about the model. Thanks!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Iron warriors terminator lord

Hi all! Time has come to paint few chaos terminators! Here is first "testing" piece i ve painted this week in breaks between chatting on facebook and playing minecraft(again:-o). I made few mistakes during painting as ussual as i was not decided how i am goint to paint this miniature, but i think i know how to improve painting procedure to have next chaos terminators i am going to paint even better looking than this one. I decided to build small chsm army for several reasons, first one is the lack of xenos/heretic players in our local gaming club, second is becouse i want a army for home gaming(yes i sold my crons), and third and last one is i want a army with low model count as i cant imagine traveling around our republic with my imperial guard army in two big gw cases, just to have friendly game with friends from different cities. I really hope new chsm dex ll allow terminator only army as i just love all kind of terminator models and it ll alow me to keep model count really low. My goal here is to fit whole army in to small gw case, so i can travell around with it comfortable. I know army ll not be competetive at all, but i just dont care as when i travel somewhere to have a friendly game and drink few beers after, its more a social event for me so i dont really care who ll win.

Now lets get back to painting. After priming a model i gave this guy coat of vma steel color, painted all the gold details and after that i airbrushed two coats of vallejo black shade wash over the model. Then rehighlighted gold parts and thats it. Rest is obvious and i think you dont want to read about painting black stripes with black colour, turqoise eyes with turqoise colour and so;-) Snow on the base is humble is humble baking soda and icycles are created from flying stand clear plastic glued with just a bit of superglue.

I really enjoyed this model and i dont really understand why gw does not make more HQ kits like this chaos terminator lord as its absolutely perfect kit worth the money you spend on it. Its a shame they dont include one more shoulderpad as i had to search thru my bitz box to found old space wolves terminator sprue for additional one but thats just a detail and otherwise than thant its best single character kit i ve seen so far.

Hope you like my latest work and thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Space wolves razorback

Im back with another additon, this time not for my army but for space wolves army i sold to my neightbour some time ago. Yesterday evening we ve been chatting a little by cigarete just outside my flat and he asked if i would like to paint razorback kit he had at home. I agreed as i had nothink to do on sunday morning anyways(and little cash as reward is always handy). Today morning i woke up, started cutting parts from the sprue and here is picture i took just before lunch. I used same colour like when i was painting my second sentinel. Just added more levels of highlighting as i kept adding vma pale blue to german grey colour as i ve been trying to shade the model to end up with final highlight of mix in ratio about 2:1 for pale blue. Rest was pretty obvious, keeping same procedure like i usualy do, trying not to complicate anythink as i really wanted to have piece finished by lunch time. And here is it, finished in table top quality. I quite like how the shades turned out, and i did not expected ressults that good. But its hard to judge my own model so i ll leave this to you. See you later this week as i have chaos terminator lord incoming by post as i want to prepare myself before 6ed starter set ll be aviable in stores;-) Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Imperial guard - new video showcases

Good morning everyone, i just woke up and checked youtube upload of vehicle showcases i made yeterday and everything seems fine, HD is aviable right now, so is the time to share the ressults with you. Hope you ll enjoy models in motion more than from the pictures. Please let me know whitch one do you like most, personaly i just love this new leman russ, but i think im affected by model it self, not evaluating paint job. Anyway, enjoy the video and im going to enjoy morning coffee and cigarette. Thanks for watching!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leman russ & chimera w cammo nets finished

Hi again. I just took pictures of other two kits i finished for my imperial guard collection. Im glad this painting sprint is over and i have my army ready for saturday. Hope you ll like them, they are painted to same standart as Devildog one post below. Cammo net is made of bandage and i ll add step by step guide how to make them later. Enjoy the pictures for now and im going to prepare video showcase of all three vehicles i painted this week. Thanks for visiting my painting diary!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Imperial guard Devildog painting tutorial

Hi again everyone! Today i decided it would be nice to take some wip pictures and share them with you, allong with this idea i was thinking about writing a step by step guide about how i ussualy paint imperial guard vehicles. This tutorial is not meant to be a guide to best approach when painting ig tanks, its just series of steps i ussualy take when painting them. If you are interested then continue reading!;-)

1 - basecoat of vma german grey applied over gray primer coat. Barrels were primed by white primer.

2 - masking tape was applied to the model in preparation of spraying cammo pattern. Take your time, be shure tape is well alligned with the model surface.

3 - vma light grey was applied on to the model, model still looks quite boring but dont worry, now all the fun begins. Barrels received coat of red color.

4 - take a spare sponge and let soak tip of it in vma german grey again and start pushing the sponge gently to the parts painted in light grey colour concentrating on sharp edges to create ilusion of worn coat. Dont forget to dab your sponge on to the paper towel first as you don want to flood your model with exces paint.

5 - Use your sponge again, now i used mix of burn umber and black colour to create rusted paint chips. Again concentrate on the edges for best ressults. When feeling confident there is not much paint left in the sponge u can gently slide it around edges it creates nice highlight-like effect. Dont forget to sponge barrels too!;-)

6 - Now its time to give your model coat of varnish to protect your work and make yourself a wash made from burnt umber oil colour and white spirit. Apply this wash to all rivets. Dont worry about oil streaks, they ll dry out in couple of hours.

7 - You can make oil/rusted water streaks while having oil colour ready. Paint a little dot under the rivet or other place when streak would begin and wait for minute or two. Then use dry brush and drag the paint downwards. Oil paint can be blended in to the surface with couple of brush strokes very easy, experiment a bit and soon you ll find out.

8 - now we can complete the model and paint the details like tracks, weapons, cables, apply decals and many other details i dont remember about.

9 - load sephia wash(or any other wash you like and think fits to your model)in to your airbrush and dust it to the model a little. It ll create slight filter over your model. You can concentrate on some parts more, but be careful with it as was ll start creating water pools very fast. I usualy try to apply coat of wash filter like this to the bottom parts of the model and then i do few irregular patterns over the model.

10 - apply pigments to the parts like tracks with and old brush and you are done.

Enjoy finished model:

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