Friday, November 2, 2012

Iron Warrios army build log - Part 1

Hi All! I ve just finished first five testing pieces of MK3 Iron Armours for my Iron Warriors army and decided to start making a video log to capture how my army ll grow in following months as since next week i ll have all my free time finaly aviable for building my own army. Again i want for scorched looking metal colour scheme. Did not turned painting these to painting orgy, just made a basic table top level painting as i want this army finished fast and ready for playing hopefuly by january. If interested just click play button and enjoy first part of my iron warriors army build log and thanks for visiting! See you soon by more pieces as i ll showcase whats done as well and have more plastic kits incoming so i think i have few bussy months ahead of me.


  1. Great job, I like those models a lot and think they'll fit nicely with the rest of your army. I also prefer this way of painting to the mainstream IW colors...

  2. Thanks adam, i chose to alter "default" paintscheme becouse it does not looks like chaos space marine one at all. Especialy after reading storm of iron book it does not fit to my imagination of IW. Anyway thanks for comment and im glad you like it


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