Sunday, February 26, 2012

Enjoying command squad box

Hi all! Just a quick update about what i did during this weekend. As you can see i ve been playing around with cadian command squad box. No conversions at all, but i tried to pay a little more attention to bases, posing and giving the miniatures "living" feel. I dont know how much i succeeded, but to me they look pretty good, almost like alive. Im not talking about paintjob itself right now, but about atmosphere of first impresion when you look at them. Could be, its just me who is impressed and pleased with them, but even if so i enjoyed painting this weekend a lot. See you soon as i have couple of unpacked ig kits waiting;-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moar cadians!

Hello everyone, while waiting for my payday as i allready run out of money on my nerd budget this month i decided to unbox cadian command squad and cadian snipers boxes. Why snipers? As my ig army is going to be army for friendly at home games im not aiming for competetive list and instead of that im buying models i like and building army list thats going to be fun to play with. To be honest im allready bored with my space wolves as every game is just missile spaming & rhino rushing and i would like to avoid this scenario with ig. Idea of my army is armoured column, possible composed from 3 leman russes.Chimera with command squad and 20 humble guardsmen with commissar and sargeant armed with power fists advancing behind tank wall. While covered by two veteran squads with lascanon heavy weapon team, forward sentry doctrine and snipers. And all of that backed up by two vendetas and valkyrie. Not the best army list, but i think i might enjoy playing with force like this as having fun is top priority while building this army. Anyway, here are pictures of my latest additions i did last week. Hope you like them and see you later by vendeta kit!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Unexpected mini

Hello everyone, i just finised painting unexpected mini this morning and im here to share the results with you. I ve got this krieg commissar yesterday when i visited friend of mine and while smoking my second cigarete by coffe he asked me if i want krieg commissar for my collection as hes got one he ll not need for his fresly started army. Of course i agreed and for cheaper price than box of cigaretes i been sudenly rushing home to undercoat the mini. I bought second hand cthan nightbringer in terible condition as well, but thats another story. I tried my best while painting this piece and mini came out pretty well. Of course there is still room for tons of improvements but i like mini how is it....hope this feeling ll last at least till tommorow when i ll probably rework its base. But i think i improved my figure painting a bit since my last mini so its beginig to look like all the hard work finaly starts to bring the ressults.

With basecoated cthan on my desk i feel like finishing my small imperial guard army ll be delayed a little but if nothing these two pieces ll bring some variety to my painting diary and im really looking forward to paint nightbringer as it is ideal piece to practice painting black and blending. I always wanted him for my sisplay but i did not wanted to pay full price just for a piece to practice cloth painting on so yesterday discounted offer realy came handy and deciding was quick as drawing my vallet out of its pocket.  Hope i ll be be able to bring him at least to tabletop quality to dare sharing the ressult with you. So wish me luck and steady hand with next piece as i ll definitely need it and see you by next piece.
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