Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grey knight paladins done

Hello everyone, today after bit of chating at train modeling store i stormed on to remaining paladins i had on my desk and here is what i ve done to them. After mistake i did with first paladin i chose traditional aproach to zenital lightning instedad of inventing my own non working approach. Mixed vma steel with vma black and painted bottom parts first, then started adding more and more steel moving up with airbrush and finished with pure steel coat from the top of the models. Then just helped shading by spraying vallejo black wash to the bottom parts of models to help create more contrast and then just dusted thin layer of wash to remaining upper parts of model to darken really shiny vma steel a bit. Nemesis weapons were done with help of many tutorials on the youtube, but they turned out to be much trickier than it seemed on the videos. I consumed almost all of masking tape for them until i found out how to cut stencil in to right shape, but after many tries the last one was piece of cake, its really just about practice. Anyway when im looking on the ressults i was hoping for better. I still have to finish purity seals and many of books sometime in near future, replace bases as these are just temporary(train store was out of flock i wanted). But in the end i think i handled theese just good to reach gaming standard. Most important is i learned couple of lessons again and i can avoid some of the mistakes i did with next models so i can hope i ll end up better next time;-) See you soon and thanks for reading!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Grey knight paladin

Hi all! Finaly, i ve put my hands on grey knight terminators and allready done first testing piece. While painting this one one did couple of supid mistakes im going to improve with next ones, so i should be able to avoid grainy pattern on armor while creating more contrast shading. Anyway this one was a surprisingly quick one, i know i could add few more details but that would not change the general impression from the model and im going to add theese when i ll be finishing whole squad together. Painting process was pretty simple, using vma steel as a base colour, shading with black wash and then highlighting again with steel and that was the mistake u dont wanna to do if u dont like grainy pattern on your mini. I must confess i tought highligting model this way ll probably dont work due to consistency of metallic clours, but i guess i must try everything just to make shure im wrong;-) However i hope you are not disgusted by my latest mini and see you this weekend with rest of the squad.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Space wolves gone

Hello everyone! Sadly, just before thunder wolves release i ve decided to sold my space wolves army. They are gone allready, i sold 2500pts of them for really good price to person who lives couple of streets away from me. Why i decided to sell them? Well I did not liked space marine play style and idea of dudes riding around in metal boxes, backuped by dudes with rocket launchers. While i liked this idea first, after couple of games i found this approach bit boring and other builds are just not that powerful. Combined with my unability to roll armour saves with terminators which i liked a lot as models but hated on the board is why i decided to expand my small imperial guard collection to a playable force as guar allows more pretty strong and interesting army builds than my wolves were able to offer me.

However, im much more painter than gamer(i know my models does not look like that yet) so selling my first 40K army allowed me to buy better painting gear, restock on paints and other accesories to make my painting desk more comfortable than ever. While building imperial guard to fill the time until new tau or eldar ll hit the stores i have time to improve my painting and who knows one time i ll probably build space wolves again, painted much better than my first ones. See you soon as i have grey knight paladins waiting in the post office allready. I always wanted to paint theese metal dudes with shiny weapons just for display so i hope i ll not fail horribly as i ussualy do so expect few wip pictures soon and wish me steady hand;-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Schidelgheist campaign

Hi again. Finaly something non-painting related i think 40K junkies like i am might be interested in. Within few weeks, we are starting 40K campaign in our local gaming club so i came with idea of making intro vid. and add short pieces of story after each round of campaign. As this is just start of long run and my first experience with video editing please take this with benevolence. I hope this is just begining and i allready have ideas how to improve this with next pieces of stroy thats going to come on monthly basis, depending on how players ll perform in campaing against each other, npcs, and story telling missions. Well, stop talking, lets you see the begining of Schindelgheist system campaign. See u!

New compressor and basilisk

Hello everyone! Finaly, i bought my self real compressor so i dont have to work with my old home made one, looted from old fridge;-) I have to say it makes real difference, even its cheap fendga. Just with no experience i noticed less grainy finish and my work is faster and more precise than ever. Buying one was definetly worth every penny i spent for it. My first model i wanted to test my new piece of painting gear was basilisk model. I made a few mistakes as i was learning hot to set PSI and what ammount to set for different steps but in the end i really like ressults. Finaly found compromise that works for me between traditional shading and zenital lightning. Decided to shade vertical surfaces as always, try to darken colors by panel lines and highlight by cenre of the panels and horizontal surfaces are done with help of zenital lightning, highlighting part of each panel closer to the light source and i really like how the model looks after this adjustment to my working habits. Unfortunately my old camera is not able to catch the model colours properly, but under naked eye its best piece i ever made if i exclude mistake with decal on gun barell. Anyway this is last guard model for couple of weeks i ve been doing as i need to get some rest from guardsmen. Im planing to order my self grey knight terminatros and death guard marines as i want to practice figures painting. See you soon!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Painting vendetta - finished

Hello everyone! Finaly, after about 20 hours of work on this piece its finished. Since yesterday i sprayed delvan mud wash around rivets on the wings and darkened oil streaks. Then finished few details like lenses, never fitting canopy and few things i cannot remember about. Last step was adding decals while wathching adventures of sherlock holmes series and aplication of vallejo decal softener. Still have to make base but i dont have any idea for it yet, so i guess i ll left base unpainted till i got idea as i dont want just glue sand and grass to it. Still having unpacked box of cadian & chimera as it was for great price, but i ve got an apetite to paint few more marines. Unfortunately no more space wolves as i sold all of them at discount price to my neightbour as i dont like packaging and going to post office with dozen of packages. But i ve seen couple of inspiring blood angels lately so im playing with idea of painting furioso dreadnaught just for fun of painting and then sell it as i dont have room to store all the models i would like to have in my collection:-/ Hope you like lates addition to my imperial guard army and see you next time. Probably with cadians & chimera combined box or maybe blood angels?;-)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Painting Vendetta - part 2

Hello everyone, still working on vendetta today. As on pictures i masked what was needed to spray camo pattern and other details like stripes and nose. As model look awfuly clean at this moment i started sponging with mix of black and brown all the edges and worn surfaces. Then everything started to be a bit wild with oil paints. To achieve somethink like i did is very simple, however not ideal. Anyway if you are interested in somethink like this all you have to do is to paint a few dots where you want streak to begin and then drag them down with dry brush. You can help the paint with bit of turpentine on brush but be careful with that. Last step i did today was shooting washes through airbrush to add more color variations to model. Still much to be done, and actualy im in mood i might rework wings completely as weathering did not turned as well as with last valykrie i ve done. We ll see tommorow;-)

Painting Vendetta - Part 1

Good morning all, while drinkin my morning coffe i decided to upload first wip pictures of vendetta/valkyrie kit im currently working on as begining of new campaing in our local wargaming club is every day closer and closer and i hate playing with unpainted models. This is first of about 4 stages im going to post in following weekend and in the end we ll see vendetta painted to my standart.

First step:

I primed whole model with vma grey primer, then preshaded it with black and white colours as i want to avoid flat looking surface at all cost.  Firs i sprayed panel lines with black and then started adding white in direction from light should be hitting the model and always masked the oposite side of the panel. Its hard to say by words but you can see what i mean on the first picture, especialy on tail wing. With model preshaded like this i covered bottom part of model with vma pale blue. And upper parts with vma german grey. Especialy german grey was thinned to 1:1:1 ratio(paint:vallejo thinner:vallejo airbrush cleaner)as i wanted the coat to be semi-transparent. Shades and highlights were paritaly visible after this but not as i would like to, so i decided to help them with some highlighting.


You can see on first picture how i masked off the panels to create somethink simmilar to this. But not that strong as all of this work ll be later covered by camo, all the chiping, rusting and washing. I started building up highlight with vma german gery with a drop of vma light grey. Aprox ratio was about 5:1. On the second picture you can see the ressult of this method. You dont have to mask everythink by tape and can help your self with piece of plastic card or piece of harder paper(i used empty rolling papers). However i ve tried this kind of highlighting for first time and i quickly noticed mistake i did. If you ll attempt this as well please keep in mind its good to build highlights in one chosen direction, not as i did on second picture. However i left highlights like that as everythink ll be cover by another layers later.

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