Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Space wolves gone

Hello everyone! Sadly, just before thunder wolves release i ve decided to sold my space wolves army. They are gone allready, i sold 2500pts of them for really good price to person who lives couple of streets away from me. Why i decided to sell them? Well I did not liked space marine play style and idea of dudes riding around in metal boxes, backuped by dudes with rocket launchers. While i liked this idea first, after couple of games i found this approach bit boring and other builds are just not that powerful. Combined with my unability to roll armour saves with terminators which i liked a lot as models but hated on the board is why i decided to expand my small imperial guard collection to a playable force as guar allows more pretty strong and interesting army builds than my wolves were able to offer me.

However, im much more painter than gamer(i know my models does not look like that yet) so selling my first 40K army allowed me to buy better painting gear, restock on paints and other accesories to make my painting desk more comfortable than ever. While building imperial guard to fill the time until new tau or eldar ll hit the stores i have time to improve my painting and who knows one time i ll probably build space wolves again, painted much better than my first ones. See you soon as i have grey knight paladins waiting in the post office allready. I always wanted to paint theese metal dudes with shiny weapons just for display so i hope i ll not fail horribly as i ussualy do so expect few wip pictures soon and wish me steady hand;-)

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