Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator - finaly with pictures

Hi again today! I finaly fixed my problem with the camera and took decent pictures of wolf guard terminator i ve been painting last weekend so you can enjoy the figure in its full glory;-) Im quite pleased how he turned out while looking at him and i originaly tought i ll just paint this figure and sell it but right now i just dont want to give it away and i think it ll stay on my table for some time, at least till i ll make remaining terminators from the same box;-) As i know begginer space wolves players/painters are often looking how to paint different kinds of blue/grey colours  i ll add painting notes below again as i think it ll be easier to find when bit separated like this than mentioned somewhere in the wall of text.

Painting notes:
Armor: vma german grey/pale blue adding more pale blue as zenitaly highlighting.
Eyes: scorpion green, adding bit of white for highlights
Blood: vma scarlet red+uhu glue
Snow: Red Devil Onetime filler

First Vindicator painted

Hi all! Finaly i ve finished new piece for my iron warriors project and i cant imagine IW army without couple of vindicators;-) Here is first of two planned for my new army. I must say this was very annoying model to paint, not becouse the model itself but as i mentioned post ago i injured my leg on tuesday and it hurted as hell most of the time i was painting this piece and i had to force my self to paint at least hour per day to have this model finished by weekend as i dont want to be behind with my plan having playable army in january.
During painting i learned from mistakes i did while painting IW land raider and been more careful with washes creating more intense shading than i made on that LR month ago.  I quite like the model itself but i cant help my self and ll have to force me to learn painting lenses as they does not look good on any of my vehicles and are big let down. Another addition i have to make is to ebay hanging chains and chaos accesories like are on chaos land raider sprue asi i really like the chains but dont like spikes as i dont want my chaos vehicles look like hedgehogs;-)
Right now i consider vehicle 90% done, all the the painting(except lenses)is done and now its time for ebay hunt and call friends asking for obsolete bits whitch could be used to enhance models and add some little extra than aviable straight from the box.
Hope you like the model even its little boring at this stage of building, but thats what is it right now and i hope i ll please your eye bit more with chaos termies i ve got waiting for basecoat right now on my table. Thanks for reading and see you by next update of my iron warriors army!

Painting notes:
Hull - VMA Black metal airbrushed all over the model then added couple layers of airbrushed black shade wash creating shading.
Bozer blade - same as hull, on to hazard stripes area was airbrushed white primer first, then coat of VMA gold yellow. Black stripes are obviously painted by black colour. Then enriched the yellow coat by sephia wash again carefuly airbrushed in thin coats concentrating on the bottom parts.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wolf Guard Terminator showcase

Hello everyone! Finaly found a time to write an update as i hurted my ankle yesterday and im stuck at home with cripled leg. Sounds like good news as i ll have plenty of time paint models i ve got waitng unpainted on my desk for few following days, but with no commisions pending i ll be stuck without income for next week. However after 6 years it finaly came and i ll spend couple of days ill and take some rest and learn somethink new, walking with walking stick!;-)
Anyway, here is what i want to show you today a Wolf guard terminator i painted during last weekend. I used same colours like with second sentinel i ve been painting for my imperial guard army if you remember. Basecoated model with my favourite vallejo model air german grey and zenithal highlighting by adding VMA pale blue to the mix having ratio for final highlight about 1 part german grey and 2 parts for pale blue and added one more drop of pale blue for edge hughlights. Rest of the miniature is pretty obvious, used scorpion green for glow efect around eyes, added bit of white for eye highligh and so with the rest of the model.
I really enjoyed this as it was relaxing piece to give me break from iron warriors army im building right now and as space wolves were my first 40K army it was really interesting to compare how i ve been painting year and half ago and now.
Unfortunately i had some problems with camere so video showcase ll have to be enought for this piece and i hope you ll like it. Thanks for visit and reading & see you soon by more pieces for my chaos army;-)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday relaxing with wolf guard terminator

Hi all! Wanted to say you hello today as i dont have anything to do for couple of minutes and you know that feeling when few minutes is not enought to start doing somethink and too much to do nothing. So why not write a short update to let you know whats on my desk right now;-) As i received package from wayland games yesterday i finaly have all the models i need to make my new chaos army playable at at least 1000 points, but along with chaos vindicator i recived wolf guard terminators box whitch i ordered as its wonderfull kit and i need a lot of bits from it to enhance quite boring sprues of chaos terminators. Im planning to use heads from wgt box, some power weapons, few extra shoulderpads and while i was cutting the wolf guard sprues i realized i ll have enought parts to make couple of wolf guard terminators just for my pleasure. Im nearly done with terminator i started painting this morning so i ll show you just black and white wip picture for now, but except finished pictures and maybee video showcase as well by tommorow. Right now i can say this piece was nice break from chaos sorched black coulour scheme and time to time you just have to paint side mini to clear your toughts and just have a few hours of break from bigger project. See you tommorow guys and thanks for visit & reading!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finished commisions - GK LRR and SOB Repressor

Hello everyone! With delay, but here they are. Pictures of latest finished commisions and i hope last commisons i took this year as i finaly want to paint army for my self and whats more important focus on my painting and try to improve on single models.
From now on i ll try to avoid painting for others as i experienced several painters burnouts during past couple of months and had to force me to continue to have a job done and i think its reflected on quality of these, but as long as im offering my services as a tabletop level quality i think these models turned out just well.
I think its a shame customer insisted on metalic colour scheme on land raider as i dont have a clue how to do proper shading on that big metallic surface and i would personaly chose grey coloured vehicles for Grey Knights army, but in the end i hope looking at this model on the gaming table ll not insult anyone and it ll look just fine for gaming purposes especialy when i consider in how terrible state i received the model.
Sisters Of Battle Repressor was the last of four vehicles customers ordered me to paint and i think the red shading turned out almost perfect. I did not applied as much weathering as to previevous three pieces and finaly found right ratio of dmage/rust/chipping for any red coloured vehicle i ll paint in future. I know this is highly individual but i found out while working of this quite big SOB commision red is trickier to paint than it may seem as every mistake is visible and it was complete different story than painting my imperial guard where dark grey camo tones were mistake-friendly and if you made some somewhere it could just be hidden by adding more chipping and it still looked fine. Not in case of red and as i have said allready, this was a great lesson im more greateful for than cash i received as reward.
Thaks for visiting this blog and see you soon as hopefuly new models for my iron warrior army should arrive next week and i ll be painting few more terminators along with space wolf hero im planing for my display shelf for some time allready;-) See you then and thanks for reading!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Iron Warrios army build log - Part 2

Hi again, im back with promised second part of my Iron Warriors army build log. This time showcasing already seen terminator lord and chaos terminators, but i hope you ll enjoy them again, this time in motion and with comentary. Thanks for watching!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Iron Warrios army build log - Part 1

Hi All! I ve just finished first five testing pieces of MK3 Iron Armours for my Iron Warriors army and decided to start making a video log to capture how my army ll grow in following months as since next week i ll have all my free time finaly aviable for building my own army. Again i want for scorched looking metal colour scheme. Did not turned painting these to painting orgy, just made a basic table top level painting as i want this army finished fast and ready for playing hopefuly by january. If interested just click play button and enjoy first part of my iron warriors army build log and thanks for visiting! See you soon by more pieces as i ll showcase whats done as well and have more plastic kits incoming so i think i have few bussy months ahead of me.

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