Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finished commisions - GK LRR and SOB Repressor

Hello everyone! With delay, but here they are. Pictures of latest finished commisions and i hope last commisons i took this year as i finaly want to paint army for my self and whats more important focus on my painting and try to improve on single models.
From now on i ll try to avoid painting for others as i experienced several painters burnouts during past couple of months and had to force me to continue to have a job done and i think its reflected on quality of these, but as long as im offering my services as a tabletop level quality i think these models turned out just well.
I think its a shame customer insisted on metalic colour scheme on land raider as i dont have a clue how to do proper shading on that big metallic surface and i would personaly chose grey coloured vehicles for Grey Knights army, but in the end i hope looking at this model on the gaming table ll not insult anyone and it ll look just fine for gaming purposes especialy when i consider in how terrible state i received the model.
Sisters Of Battle Repressor was the last of four vehicles customers ordered me to paint and i think the red shading turned out almost perfect. I did not applied as much weathering as to previevous three pieces and finaly found right ratio of dmage/rust/chipping for any red coloured vehicle i ll paint in future. I know this is highly individual but i found out while working of this quite big SOB commision red is trickier to paint than it may seem as every mistake is visible and it was complete different story than painting my imperial guard where dark grey camo tones were mistake-friendly and if you made some somewhere it could just be hidden by adding more chipping and it still looked fine. Not in case of red and as i have said allready, this was a great lesson im more greateful for than cash i received as reward.
Thaks for visiting this blog and see you soon as hopefuly new models for my iron warrior army should arrive next week and i ll be painting few more terminators along with space wolf hero im planing for my display shelf for some time allready;-) See you then and thanks for reading!

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