Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bussy week off - Leman Russ, Chimera, Devil dog

Hi everyone! I took a week off from work to paint few models i ordered last week and make my imperial guard reasonably playable at 1K points. Monday morning postman finaly knocked on my door delivering me devil dog, leman russ and a chimera so after quite boring weekend whitch i spent on playing dow2 i could finaly start working on these. I need finished chimera and devil dog by saturday morning latest as i need them for combat patrol mini tournament at our gaming club. Not much to say right now as i really rushed throught leman russ, working on a chimera right now while having devildog still packed in a box. I ll have to add more details to the models later when i ll have painted all of them as i ll know i dont have to rush anymore and ll have time to think through all additions i may gave them. As you can see on picture i have been experimenting with bandage on leman russ adding cammo net to some parts and im quite happy with the ressult. It does not look great on this picture, but i think you ll like it when i ll post proper photo. Maybee i may add tutorial on how to make cammo netting for vehicles as cammo net is quite easy to make and can enrich boring parts of your models.
Im going take my brush again and get back working so i can show you ressults soon and think through 500points large army list for satrday combat patrol mini tournament. See u soon and thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Speedpainted Krieg Quartermaster

Hello everyone! Another quick update about whats happening on my desk. I painted this piece during the week to try if i remembered anythink from speedpainting dvd from miniature mentor. I must say the techinque i saw on the video is really easy to use if you remember to thin your paint a lot and use biger than fine detail brush for bigger surfaces as well. This was different approach than i ussualy chose for painting miniatures and even with ressult nowhere near perfection i think im on a good way to improve my miniature painting at least by little bit. The trick was to undercoat miniature with black undercoat and then highlight it with white color spraying from directly above of the model. Doing these two steps as a preparation really makes painting and shading much easier. Then its just about painting with very diluted paints and as you know the paint ll cover white parts just fine while beeing semitransparent on the black undercoated surface creating nicely shaded impression. Of course just this is not enought to create effect you see on the photo and you have to apply some more highlights but i think its easy and effective way how to achieve solid shadining. I know the ressult is just humble table top quality, but it was just a first try and i hope i ll get better at using this procedure in next few miniatures as models on that tutorial video looked just awesome and i recommend buying it if you are at about same level with painting as i am and you are willing to improve yourself, its worth your money.
Next week ll be quite bussy as i have package with devil dog, leman russ and chimera waiting for me at the post office so i ll keep updating blog daily as i need painted them all for next saturady minitournament in our local gaming club. Thanks for reading guys!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reinforcing my imperial guard - Manticore

Good morning everyone! As you can see i finished a new addition for my imperial guard army. Its been quite while since i ve added last model to my guard collection, but now i must rush to finish my first army list;-) I had break form IG becouse of two things. First i we been lacking motivation as we delayed start of our new campaign becouse our wargaming club got fired from its place so we had to find our club a new place and move everything there. We knew moving ll come about two months ahead and owner of a building offered us a new place for same price and on better adress so moving was just fine but we did not wanted to start campaign, play one month and then have one month break becouse of moving. So we decided to wait with start one more month, after moving ll be finished. Unfortunately when we finished moving to the new place rumors said the 6ed ll be out another month. With this in mind it just did not make sense to start playing campaign and after one month switch to 6ed rulles so we decided to wait one more month. In the end rumors turned to be inacurate and one month was three months in the end ;-) Second reason was becouse i was unshure of army list i want to play so i ve been waiting for 6ed as well as i did not wanted to spend money on models i ll not play becouse of rulles changes.
After couple of 6ed games i quite liked new blast templates hitting vehicles with full strenght under whole, not just under its hole and started considering some heavy, barrage support for my army as i belive s10 template weapon is now much better answer to land raider than humble guardsman carrying meltagun. Originaly i wanted to order leman russ but with theese ideas in head i found Manticore sale very tempting(they had them for chimera price)so i bought one them becouse otherwise i would never purchase this model as its kind of ugly and i would always take leman russ kit instead as they are for same price.

Package came on friday so after i returned from work i cut all the pieces from sprues and started painting yesterday morning. Painting went just fine, as im used to this colour scheme. Did some post shading highlighting few areas, then added cammo stripes as ussualy and after that started weathering with the help of burnt umber oil paint and forge world pigments. In the end i must say i started liking Manticore kit and it turned out quite well. However im having issues with my camera again and im unable to take proper pictures, so instead of purchasing super heavy next month im afraid i ll have to invest money elsewhere:-/ Anyway i hope you like the model and thanks for reading guys! Cheers!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

6th edition impressions

Hello everyone! I finaly did little playtesting of 6ed so i decided to share my impressions from the game with you. I played just one game at 1000 points level without allies, me playing imperial guard against dark eldar and today watched 1750p battle with Dark Angels + krieg allies vs Black Templars. I still can not judge new edition, but thats not the goal of this little article.

1)Allies & fortifications
Not much to say about them, some ll love this part of new rullebook and some ll hate it. From my point of view i like this idea a lot as im mainly collector and enjoy painting of models. With allies as part of new rulles i ve got a lot more options to combine models i like in to playable army and i dont have to start a new army every time i get in love with new kits and allow me to start picking models i would never buy before. For example i would never start building chaos space marines or demons army, but if i imagine how cool these two armies would look combined...i think you ve got my point;-) Im not that excited about fortifications, in fact im fine with aegis defense line or bastion, but i think fortres of redemption is just too much, but on the other side it could be scenario dependant double sided weapon.

2)Hull points
I liked this idea from the begining, no more 5 times glanced razorback, no more five times glanced drop poded dreadnaughts in your deployment zone etc... I think hull points impacted on 6ed gameplay most. You have to be much more careful with your vehicles as every glance count and it really speeded up gameplay in general. As i ve said sentence ago, every glance count, but penetrations are now much bigger threat as before and i think thats right. I just hated situations in 5th edition where you finaly penetrated land raider and then rolled shaken ressult on dmage chart. Now with for example meltas adding +2 to the roll on new dmg table are penetrations much more dangerous.

3)Wound allocation
Now when you cant allocate wounds almost like you want, but instead of that you have to take away models whitch are closest to the firing unit. This change adds another tactical level to the game as now you have to place your models more careful and placing your precious meltagunner to the speartip of your formation is at least very risky, if not suicidal. This, allong with the boost of rapid fire weapons ll entirely change the foot sloging tactics and i thik we ll se more plasma guns on behalf of autopicked meltas.

Not much to say, i just like them! They are now really fun to play and bring another layer of gameplay to the game. I ve been witness of dogfighting vendetta with razorwing jet fighter. I have seen Valkyrie devastating dark eldar lines in unexpected strafing run and im glad gw added another level to our battlefields.

As i ve said in the beging these are just first impression and i skiped few parts i dont like about new rullebook like random assault range, premeasuring and couple more details, but i think these new rulles ended 150% better than what i was expecting. With the rulles allready out i ll finaly start playing more often and i hope i ll be able to bring you few battlereports and gaming toughts. Thanks for reading guys and
see you soon at the painting table!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just finished my first IG allies - Death company

Good morning everyone! Its been quite while since i first saw death company models and since that time i wanted to paint them for my collection. However becouse i had no use for them and i did not wanted to build whole death company army list i kept delaying their purchase till now. With 6ed allready out allies rumors got confirmed and now i can enrich my imperial guard army by their presence. This is the first 5 men group as im planing to use 10 man squad in land raider crusader. I still did not think about an HQ choice for them, but i think it ll be better to ask blood angels player whitch one should be the best.
I really enjoyed painting these dudes. Basecoated them with obvious black color to highlight whole models with german grey from above to finish highlighting sharp edges with mix of light grey and german grey. Rest of paintjob is pretty obvious as i ve just slaped the rest of colours on to them. Playing a bit with red tones but unfortunately i never manage to persuade my camer to catch different reds.
Again, these are not masterpieces, but i came at stage when i begin to accept the level of my skill and it ll be damn hard, if not impossible to improve my painting in future, but still i love painting and i gues thats most importatnt thing about hobby.
If you like the picture you can click play on the video as well and let me know how you like them or not. Thanks for reading & watching and see you soon!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What if i would start painting tyranids?

Good morning everyone!I ve just woke up, and before i ll start working on the death company marines box i must share yesterady quickie with you. Yesterday, when visited my favourite wargaming store i decided to purchase inconspicuous little box allong with other stuff i wanted. I chose tyranid termagant snapifits becouse i wanted to try paint few tyranids since i ve seen excelent tutorial how to paint tyranid warior on beasts of war youtube channel before it got deleted year and half ago. I ve painted just one piece, just to try paint scheme i always liked. In fact its the only colour schme i like on the tyranids as gw colour scheme, or commonly seen nids with red skin and carpaces with all colours of rainbow seems disgusting to me. I dont want to insult anyone, its always matter of personal tase, but i cant help my self becouse since my childohood when i see combination of purple and white i start feeling sick. It dont have to be on model, it could be anywhere on clothes, walls, cars....i just hate that combination.
Anyway, lets get back to painting. Again i chose very simple approach as usual, keeping in mind the less steps i ll have to take, the less chances to mess somethink i ll have;-) Why I chose simplicity has another reason as well and its becouse people are usualy painting tyranid basic troops in huge numbers and as im ussualy painting gaming minis as my skills does not allow me to paint to display standart, i wanted to keep painting procedure as simple as possible to allow me assembly line style of painting if i ll have to paint huge number of these quick anytime in future. Basicly paint job consists of skin tone undercoat, followed by two layers of sephia wash on whole body. Carpace received first layer of german grey colour followed by black wash, trying to push-pull towards the reces leaving exposed parts clean. Then i started adding blue to the german grey basecoat highlighting carpace as seen on the picture. Weapon received coat of ogryn flesh wash and details were painted in scorpion green and thats it, we ve got our termagant finished in little more than half of an hour! Ideal approach for mass painting tyranid troops i guess;-)
Hope you like the colour scheme same as i am and i ll say bye for now as i must make my self cup of coffe before i ll start cuting death company marines out of sprues. See u and thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last piece of puzzle - fow tigers

Hello everyone! It s been quite a while since i shared whats on my work bench so here is quick update. I ve just finished battlefront Tiger tanks as i wanted to add some heavy support to my fallschrimjager army. These models were quite simple, and i chose simple approach as i do not enjoy detailing 15mm models and these are meant to be humble gaming pieces. Dont get me wrong, i still tried my best to have nice looking gaming models, but i just dont like battlefront detailing and want to have fow army finished asap so i just rushed through these iconic tanks in couple of hours. I think they ll look just fine on gaming table, especialy when you consider their scale.
Anyway im really looking forward tommorow as i ve just received email from hobby store im usualy ordering from, letting me know my gamers edition copy od 40K 6ed rulles finaly arrived!;-) So when i ll wake up i ll have cup of coffe, couple of cigaretes and ll have a quick trip to the Prague to grab it and ressuply my shelf with 40K models. Im going to purchase blood angels death company marines as i like their miniatures a lot and with 6ed i ll be able to use them as allied force along with my imperial guard. On the new allies rulles, i must say i really like this concept as i ll dont have to build whole small army every time i ll want to paint models from other codexes. I think new rulles ll bring us more interesting looking armies as certain combinations looks very atractive, for example chaos space marines and daemons! Well, see you by tommorow with new rullebook and new kits im going to bring on to my workbench;-)See u!
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