Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bussy week off - Leman Russ, Chimera, Devil dog

Hi everyone! I took a week off from work to paint few models i ordered last week and make my imperial guard reasonably playable at 1K points. Monday morning postman finaly knocked on my door delivering me devil dog, leman russ and a chimera so after quite boring weekend whitch i spent on playing dow2 i could finaly start working on these. I need finished chimera and devil dog by saturday morning latest as i need them for combat patrol mini tournament at our gaming club. Not much to say right now as i really rushed throught leman russ, working on a chimera right now while having devildog still packed in a box. I ll have to add more details to the models later when i ll have painted all of them as i ll know i dont have to rush anymore and ll have time to think through all additions i may gave them. As you can see on picture i have been experimenting with bandage on leman russ adding cammo net to some parts and im quite happy with the ressult. It does not look great on this picture, but i think you ll like it when i ll post proper photo. Maybee i may add tutorial on how to make cammo netting for vehicles as cammo net is quite easy to make and can enrich boring parts of your models.
Im going take my brush again and get back working so i can show you ressults soon and think through 500points large army list for satrday combat patrol mini tournament. See u soon and thanks for reading!

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