Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reinforcing my imperial guard - Manticore

Good morning everyone! As you can see i finished a new addition for my imperial guard army. Its been quite while since i ve added last model to my guard collection, but now i must rush to finish my first army list;-) I had break form IG becouse of two things. First i we been lacking motivation as we delayed start of our new campaign becouse our wargaming club got fired from its place so we had to find our club a new place and move everything there. We knew moving ll come about two months ahead and owner of a building offered us a new place for same price and on better adress so moving was just fine but we did not wanted to start campaign, play one month and then have one month break becouse of moving. So we decided to wait with start one more month, after moving ll be finished. Unfortunately when we finished moving to the new place rumors said the 6ed ll be out another month. With this in mind it just did not make sense to start playing campaign and after one month switch to 6ed rulles so we decided to wait one more month. In the end rumors turned to be inacurate and one month was three months in the end ;-) Second reason was becouse i was unshure of army list i want to play so i ve been waiting for 6ed as well as i did not wanted to spend money on models i ll not play becouse of rulles changes.
After couple of 6ed games i quite liked new blast templates hitting vehicles with full strenght under whole, not just under its hole and started considering some heavy, barrage support for my army as i belive s10 template weapon is now much better answer to land raider than humble guardsman carrying meltagun. Originaly i wanted to order leman russ but with theese ideas in head i found Manticore sale very tempting(they had them for chimera price)so i bought one them becouse otherwise i would never purchase this model as its kind of ugly and i would always take leman russ kit instead as they are for same price.

Package came on friday so after i returned from work i cut all the pieces from sprues and started painting yesterday morning. Painting went just fine, as im used to this colour scheme. Did some post shading highlighting few areas, then added cammo stripes as ussualy and after that started weathering with the help of burnt umber oil paint and forge world pigments. In the end i must say i started liking Manticore kit and it turned out quite well. However im having issues with my camera again and im unable to take proper pictures, so instead of purchasing super heavy next month im afraid i ll have to invest money elsewhere:-/ Anyway i hope you like the model and thanks for reading guys! Cheers!

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