Sunday, July 15, 2012

6th edition impressions

Hello everyone! I finaly did little playtesting of 6ed so i decided to share my impressions from the game with you. I played just one game at 1000 points level without allies, me playing imperial guard against dark eldar and today watched 1750p battle with Dark Angels + krieg allies vs Black Templars. I still can not judge new edition, but thats not the goal of this little article.

1)Allies & fortifications
Not much to say about them, some ll love this part of new rullebook and some ll hate it. From my point of view i like this idea a lot as im mainly collector and enjoy painting of models. With allies as part of new rulles i ve got a lot more options to combine models i like in to playable army and i dont have to start a new army every time i get in love with new kits and allow me to start picking models i would never buy before. For example i would never start building chaos space marines or demons army, but if i imagine how cool these two armies would look combined...i think you ve got my point;-) Im not that excited about fortifications, in fact im fine with aegis defense line or bastion, but i think fortres of redemption is just too much, but on the other side it could be scenario dependant double sided weapon.

2)Hull points
I liked this idea from the begining, no more 5 times glanced razorback, no more five times glanced drop poded dreadnaughts in your deployment zone etc... I think hull points impacted on 6ed gameplay most. You have to be much more careful with your vehicles as every glance count and it really speeded up gameplay in general. As i ve said sentence ago, every glance count, but penetrations are now much bigger threat as before and i think thats right. I just hated situations in 5th edition where you finaly penetrated land raider and then rolled shaken ressult on dmage chart. Now with for example meltas adding +2 to the roll on new dmg table are penetrations much more dangerous.

3)Wound allocation
Now when you cant allocate wounds almost like you want, but instead of that you have to take away models whitch are closest to the firing unit. This change adds another tactical level to the game as now you have to place your models more careful and placing your precious meltagunner to the speartip of your formation is at least very risky, if not suicidal. This, allong with the boost of rapid fire weapons ll entirely change the foot sloging tactics and i thik we ll se more plasma guns on behalf of autopicked meltas.

Not much to say, i just like them! They are now really fun to play and bring another layer of gameplay to the game. I ve been witness of dogfighting vendetta with razorwing jet fighter. I have seen Valkyrie devastating dark eldar lines in unexpected strafing run and im glad gw added another level to our battlefields.

As i ve said in the beging these are just first impression and i skiped few parts i dont like about new rullebook like random assault range, premeasuring and couple more details, but i think these new rulles ended 150% better than what i was expecting. With the rulles allready out i ll finaly start playing more often and i hope i ll be able to bring you few battlereports and gaming toughts. Thanks for reading guys and
see you soon at the painting table!

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