Monday, January 30, 2012

Chimera done

Hello everyone, i ve just finished ig chimera kit and im nearly done with my 1K imperial guard army. Have to paint few more squads of guardsmen, vendeta and maybe few additions. Hoever chimera turned out pretty well, i like how it is done, except my use of pigments to create dust efect, but model it self is not primed yet so i might decide to wash pigments out and rework this last detail. I took few wip pictures but i decide not to write painting guide on how am i doing ig vehicles as i learned couple new tricks during this kit and i ll sumarize everythink with next valkyrie im planing to do soon. Im going to take a lot of pictures and write really detailed guide whitch i hope could help somebody to avoid mistakes i did while painting. Sorry for just brief post flexing above new addition to my collection but i hope you like the look of chimera for my command squad and i promise i ll dont forget to take a lot of wip pics during next model to make this little blog a little more interesting. See you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second finecast experience - lord commissar

Hi everyone, last week i ordered finecast lord commissar along with profesor urien rakhart. After necron cryptek this was my second citadel finecast experience. First i must say after disapointment with cryptek i was quite surprised how good models look however surface seemed kind of porous and found and i found even more flaws when basecoated mini with black paint and then drybrushed with skull white. I do this every time im painting over black undercoat as all model details pops out from the depths of black monotone surface. After this step i realized i ll hate finecast models same as i hated metal ones. A lot of inperfections and little errors came out. No major mistakes, no bubbles, but for the money single finecast mini costs i would expect somethink better. Dont get me wrong, its fine for me to spend some time on mold lines cleaning and refining when needed, all the little flaws could have been repaired with help of liquid green stuff and small sharp knife but i did not wanted to spend next week of my free time by fixing something whitch should be(as gw say)best miniature range on the world. At this stage i decided to continue painting as i ll never be a master painter anyway. I think it did not came out that bad at it seemed after basecoating, and in the end i must say i like finecast models more than i liked metal ones, however i hope this finecast experiment was last one for very long time. What do you think?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leman russ executioner

Hello everyone, i ve just finished my first of three leman russes. Im sorry i ll not include any wip pictures as painting proces of this piece was bit "wild" and i ve tried few things i ve been expecting to work but they did not. However i ve learned few valuable lessons during this one and even this piece did not come out as i would like to im quite happy with it. I still have to improve and rethink how i am doing glowing effects on plasma weapons, practice and experiment on few spare models work with pigments and most important, go and buy my self mat varnish so i could start using oil washes. Actualy im using oil paints just to create oil/rain streaks on hulls of my models and so far im impressed what an oil paint can do with a little practice and im going to focus more on possible usages in enhancing flat looking hulls on my models.I ll start bringin step by step painting guides on next leman russ and vendetta im going to paint in following weeks as i think i did a lot of mistakes during last few months painting and hope i ll be able to sumarize them and come out with helpful articles on how i paint dirty/worn looking ig vehicles guide. Have a nice sunday and i hope you like latest addition to my ig collection;-)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rewarding my self

As i mentioned before, i love painting vehicle models so as a reward for finishing first squad from cadian battleforce im working on i rewarded my self by painting imperial guard sentinel from bf box. It was quick job done while basecoating second veteran squad and watching The Way Back movie. I like the heavy weathered surface effect i achieved, but on the other side its a shame my new camo pattern composed from dark green and light grey snake like stripes is not visible anymore. Anyway i think it looks just fine considering i ll probably donate this model to 40k beginers in our local wargaming club. Hope you like it too and see you soon by finished cadian battleforce;-)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

First shock troop squad finished

Hello everyone, just finished first squad and comand squad from cadian battleforce. Not much to say about them, i tried my best and its up to you to judge the results. I know they are not the best cadians around but im quite satisfied with them and i think they ll look great on gaming table. They gave me oportunity to try few new tricks and i hope second squad ll be at least little better than first one. Please note in case of comand squad i wanted to use all weapon options sprue gave me as im still not decided how im going to play them and is always easier to replace bodyguard with special weapon by regular guardsmen than doing oposite. Hope you like them at least a little and after second squad of these dudes im going to paint leman russ tank just to test if i learned somethink from experience with my latest vehicle kit.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Continuing with cadian battleforce

Hi all, i woke up today and decided to continue painting my cadian battleforce. There should be few work in progress pictures around but even these are still not finished i allready noticed they ll not be the best guardsmen around. However im quite satisfied with colour theme i chose for them, but thats the matter of everyones personal taste. Anyway these gave me oportunity to try highlighting cloth recesses and blending. Im still not familiar with this technique but still have dozen of guardsmen to practice on so i hope i ll learn how to make good use of it. As you see on pictures i cought my self rushing again so i ll have to take every figure and rework details and highlights again, and learn discipline as its think im really lacking attention to details.
Finaly another thing i ll have to start using is magnifying glass becouse my eyes are not what they used to be and i notice most of my mistakes on the photos when seen on computer monitor and thats too late.I wonder if i ll ever manage to paint mini i ll be satisfied with even for few days, but only way to found out is to keep trying and sart using tools like magnifying glass to make my painting easier. Hope you are not disgusted by my work so far, but i promise my self im going to rework these and correct every mistake i ll be able to found on them;-) See you soon and hope i ll be more successful next time

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