Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second finecast experience - lord commissar

Hi everyone, last week i ordered finecast lord commissar along with profesor urien rakhart. After necron cryptek this was my second citadel finecast experience. First i must say after disapointment with cryptek i was quite surprised how good models look however surface seemed kind of porous and found and i found even more flaws when basecoated mini with black paint and then drybrushed with skull white. I do this every time im painting over black undercoat as all model details pops out from the depths of black monotone surface. After this step i realized i ll hate finecast models same as i hated metal ones. A lot of inperfections and little errors came out. No major mistakes, no bubbles, but for the money single finecast mini costs i would expect somethink better. Dont get me wrong, its fine for me to spend some time on mold lines cleaning and refining when needed, all the little flaws could have been repaired with help of liquid green stuff and small sharp knife but i did not wanted to spend next week of my free time by fixing something whitch should be(as gw say)best miniature range on the world. At this stage i decided to continue painting as i ll never be a master painter anyway. I think it did not came out that bad at it seemed after basecoating, and in the end i must say i like finecast models more than i liked metal ones, however i hope this finecast experiment was last one for very long time. What do you think?

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