Sunday, January 15, 2012

Leman russ executioner

Hello everyone, i ve just finished my first of three leman russes. Im sorry i ll not include any wip pictures as painting proces of this piece was bit "wild" and i ve tried few things i ve been expecting to work but they did not. However i ve learned few valuable lessons during this one and even this piece did not come out as i would like to im quite happy with it. I still have to improve and rethink how i am doing glowing effects on plasma weapons, practice and experiment on few spare models work with pigments and most important, go and buy my self mat varnish so i could start using oil washes. Actualy im using oil paints just to create oil/rain streaks on hulls of my models and so far im impressed what an oil paint can do with a little practice and im going to focus more on possible usages in enhancing flat looking hulls on my models.I ll start bringin step by step painting guides on next leman russ and vendetta im going to paint in following weeks as i think i did a lot of mistakes during last few months painting and hope i ll be able to sumarize them and come out with helpful articles on how i paint dirty/worn looking ig vehicles guide. Have a nice sunday and i hope you like latest addition to my ig collection;-)

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