Monday, January 30, 2012

Chimera done

Hello everyone, i ve just finished ig chimera kit and im nearly done with my 1K imperial guard army. Have to paint few more squads of guardsmen, vendeta and maybe few additions. Hoever chimera turned out pretty well, i like how it is done, except my use of pigments to create dust efect, but model it self is not primed yet so i might decide to wash pigments out and rework this last detail. I took few wip pictures but i decide not to write painting guide on how am i doing ig vehicles as i learned couple new tricks during this kit and i ll sumarize everythink with next valkyrie im planing to do soon. Im going to take a lot of pictures and write really detailed guide whitch i hope could help somebody to avoid mistakes i did while painting. Sorry for just brief post flexing above new addition to my collection but i hope you like the look of chimera for my command squad and i promise i ll dont forget to take a lot of wip pics during next model to make this little blog a little more interesting. See you!

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