Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Venture

As you might have noticed, there is nothing going on for quite some time on my blog and i want to apologize for that, as yes, i ve been painting but lost will to share my work with others. Meanwhile i moved on from painting somewhere else, still its a creative hobby and as you probably allready noticed i started working on a video game. I tried that many times over the years but always failed to gather reliable team and someone always srewed up. Nowdays, im working really hard to pursue one of my dreams and hopefuly in couple of months game ll be finished, i ll sit back and return back to painting untill i ll start working on next project. Sorry for offtopic, thanks for reading, hope you ll check back later as still there is lot of wip figures on my desk and few almost finished display bases so i ll have plenty of stuff to show, but right now im occupied elsewhere, if you are interested and like indie games you can check my dev diary by clicking on picture or if nothing else, u can watch a first teaser.

Thanks for reading & have a nice weekend!


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