Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Tau army showcase

Hello everyone, after couple of months of blogging break im back with my new project i ve been slowly working on for last couple of months. Those few followers who remembers first posts here knew i was building tau army at that time and was expecting new tau codex soon. However rumors turned out to be fake and i sold the few models i had finished stating i ll start again when the new codex ll come out. Unfortunately for me tau dex came out just when i started my grey knights army so i did not started right when new models became aviable but delayed the start untill i ll have my gks ready for casual games.
And the time has come, still have some work left on the grey knights but i bought tau battleforce and couple of models allready and here is what i can share with you. Not much, just tau flier, squad of fire warriors, stealth suits, few battlesuits and XV88 finished for now and decided to take group photo as it began look nice;-)
Still have unopened boxes of fire warriors and another XV88, plenty of drones and piranha from the battleforce. After these few models i ll probably add pathfinders and hammerhead, have a couple of low points games and then i ll decide what to add next(tempted to buy swarm of remora drones).
Hope you ll like whats done till now, no painting notes for now as i want to make tutorial on painting piranha and all the colours ll be mentioned there.

Thanks for reading and hope u ll visit this place again!;-)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Almost done painting Grey knights army - warrior acolytes

Hello everyone, finaly i pushed my self to paint at least ten guardsmen to act as warrior acolytes in my grey knight army. I wanted to make them look at least little interesting when compared to regular cadian guardsmen so ive spent some extra time while asembly. First and obvious adjustment is use of heads with gas masks and frizt like looking helmets from forge planet. I liked them when i ve seen them on forge planet website so i ordered them along with walker autocannon arms couple of months ago as i knew i ll probably want couple of guardsmen in my army. They look great, but they are bigger then i expected so my henchmen have heads big like baloons but it looks just fine and panic i felt when i tried to glue first head to the body was unneceseary.
Second little extra is that i ve added bag to each ones back. I had just one so i had to make copies and as im time press right now and have to finish this army in just couple of days i had to simplyfy copying process by half. I ve made on sided mold from green stuff and when it hardened enought ive been pressing little balls of green stuff in to it. Unfortunately i did not had enought time to make even one sided copies properly and have to remove parts from mold when gs was still soft so they are not precise copies but they are just fine for they purpose of beign carried around by humble guardsman.
These two adjustements to regular cadian was enought for me to make them look interesting. What a shame i   ve been delaying finishing the army so much i dont have more time to add cables from las gun to bag to make them look like hot shoot lasgun but i dont care much as they are probably going to act as cheap objective camping unit or driving around in chimera(in next stage of my grey knights project).
I simplified painting as much as possible as well but i ll sum it below in painting notes. In the end i quite like how they look, i think i might enhance lenses on their gas masks if i ll have hour or two of free time before i ll pack them in to army transport case next week. But other than that i like how they turned out, compared to regular guardsmen. See you soon by more updates as i ll be finishing 1500point army in two following days. Thanks for reading & see you!

Basecoat: VMA Panzer yellow
Camo: Turqoise and mix of red/burnt umber(3:1) - all airbrushed using stencil
Wash: Agrax earthshade to unify cammo colours a bit
Rest: obvious

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last charge - another diorama

Hello everyone! Not even a week and im back with another diorama. This one was not planned but here is it. I found bits of a demon prince in one of my bits boxes couple of days ago and i just did not resisted urge to paint this dude. I painted this daemon prince 3 times last year and then i enraged as i was still not happy with paintjob and stomped on him to release my anger.
Fixing this dude was not easy as he had broken legs, broken arms and broken wings. However i found box with rest of the bits si i could replace wings torsos. Replaced one of the arms(sword was bended and broken so i could not fix it) and started painting.

I did not expected it ll start turning out as good as it is right now and diorama was not planned at all but as i had allready painted another space wolf on my table i tought "why not?" and base was built within the moments. I did not created anythink epic as when you examine daemon prince carefuly u can still find the places where he was broken, its noticable this is fourth paint on him and thats why i did not wanted to use some of the parts i keep for other projects. However when looking at the scene its a bit shame a chose as simple as possible way as i like it a lot, but thats what is it and i learned another valuable lesson, to never underestimate how impresive even borken model can be;-)
Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the video, u can rate the model HERE if you want and thans for reading!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Space wolf vs Iron warrior diorama

Hi everyone, here is reworked diorama i showed you in last post. Everythink was said in the video so just click play button and enjoy! Thanks for visit;-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Come Get Some! - another 40k mini diorama

Hi everyone, here i am with probabbly biggest base i ve constructed till now;-) Its made mostly from the cork, few 40k bits i had laying around my desk and three tubes of super glue. Please note this is still as a work in progress as im not happy with the termagants and they ll be replaced by somethink little bigger like tyranid warrior or lictor when i ll have trip to hobby store and free cash to buy it. Actualy termagants here are not that bad, when under naked eye. Problem is i gave their carpace parts coat of gloss varnish as i wanted to give them slimy, light reflecting look and it looks exactly as i wanted and its great when looking at the scene on my table but not on the picture:-/  Im having big trouble taking a proper picture as scene is so big and i struggle to light it properly and focus camera on a whole. I decided to give up right now as im going to replace termagants anyway in near future and take proper pictures when i ll be 100% happy with the ressult.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finaly done! Merevoginian and Jap starter armies

Hi everyone! Finaly, after two weeks im done with this little comission and im glad its behind me and as im saying every time i finish painting somethink for money, im done with comission, and this time i mean it;-) I just dont enjoy painting when its not for my pleasure and i really do not recommend this to anyone unless its for close friend and you owe him a favor like this case. I tried to keep good compromise between time spent/quality on miniatures as i agreed on about little more than half the price i ussualy charge(ahh these favors)and i hope it ll be enought to serve as miniatures for demo games at my favourite wargaming store. Yeah, these ll probably end horribly after couple of months of service and my personal opinion is they are painted just fine for their purpose. Right now i dont want to see infinity miniature for at least...well, at least till lunch when im planning to open one of the boxes with my reward for painting these two little armies. Have a nice rest of the weekend and thanks for visit!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Small Yu Jing Army almost done

Hello everyone, just took fast snap shot of what i have been doing yesterday and maybee its a right time to share the progress with you. I ve spent about 8 hours yesterday to paint all of these and have small yu jing army based around Japanese sectorial army starter set and have Japan part of the job almost done. I still have to paint Tokusets Butai medic and my job is basicaly done. Unfortunately japanese sectorial box was missing one of the miniature so i ll have to make a little addition later.
Quality is not as good as in case of my small french gang as white/red combo is probably worst of what could occur on work bench as i hate working with these two colours, but what can you do when owner of figures insist on original colours even when noticed its not going to end great? However these pieces ll serve for in store demo games purposes and ll probably get worned off realy fast so i hope they are in sufficent quality to show customers there is "new" game around. Still have to do some corrections, make bases and i think the end ressult ll be just fine for its purpose. Thanks for visit and have a nice weekned!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Calculating Infinity

This was not planned! And allong with the pile there is plastic bag full of unpacked models to add to my quee:-o As you see, im flooded by models i was not expecting at all and was thinking i ll finish my grey knights for the event i want to attend in less than two months. Instead of that i have table full of work and that means i ll be finishing GKs on last minute. But why is that?
I ve been asked by friends to paint two small infinity armies for their wargaming store in Prague and i said yes. Ussualy i dont take comissions on figures as i dont think im that good to fullfill customers expectation but this was different as friend asked for this favour and i just did not wanted to say "no, gtfo" in addition they are not expecting super quality paintjob as miniatures ll be used to play demo games so they ll probably wear and scratch of paint quickly so all i have to do is to keep standart i ve set this weekend working on the french sectorial starter.
So whats on to do list? Small Japanese Sectorial Army consisting of:

Japanese sectorial Army box
Arogato Senkenbutai bikes
and Tokusetsu Butai doctor

Not that hard, however all the white ll be challenge as im following box cover scheme. Anyway i have jap. sectorial allready glued and will start painting as soon as my girflriend wake up and ll be able to turn on compressor to prime the miniatures.
And as the oposing force there is:

Merovingian sectorial army box
Traktor mul
Dynamic duo(Margot & duroc)
Dozer, Field Engineer
and Chasseurs

I dont know if these armies are ballanced or not as i did not stated playing infinity yet whitch was my original plan for next week, but now i ve got plenty of models to paint! However this is priority number one, on my to do list. We ll see how it ll go, as im not limited by time, but yes, i think there is infinity week(or two) ahead of me. Thanks for visit and see you soon by the update!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second GK dreadnought & some toughts

Hello to all of you, after little delay i realized i forgot to share picture of my second GK dreadnought! Hes painted exactly the same as the first one, i just customized it a little using few grey knight bits and load of purity seals as i did not want to have two exactly same models on the table at once. Not much to say about paint it self as you can check painting notes of previevous dread if interested, but as you probably noticed my  grey knights are closing to the stage when my model collection will become playable army! Its always and interesting moment when you bring your carefuly painted models to the table and plasma blast templates ll start raining on your units heads;-)
 Im really looking forwar to this moment as its almost a year since i attended mini combat patrol tournament with my imperial guard and did not played since then. Not that i ve not been satisfied how my guardsmen performed, they raped dark eldars, lost to vanila space marines and almost tied against grey knights despite all my four chimeras even when deployed in cover exploded on first turn leaving just raped torso of my force against silver power armoured onslaught. Even it does not sound like a successful "tournament" i enjoyed how the guard plays but just could not force my self to paint another 40 guardsmen so i ve sold my army and started painting my Iron Warriors, i have them almost combat ready same as my grey knights waiting in display cabinet for latter as i want to finish GKs first and have IWs just as a fun army.
In the shadow of my bigger projects i have started painting infinity minatures as well and just while ago i finished painting Merovingian starter set and after i ll finish this post i ll probably go sit on my sofa and start reading rulles;-) However right after grey knights project will be finished you can expect some battle reports to enrich this little blog and will start another big project - infinity gaming table. Why infinity? I allready have few scenery pieces and games workshop buildings for 40K and the table it self as well, but if you are reading this blog regulary you know how small my appartment is and becouse infinity is played on 4x4 tables it big relief for space in my kitchen and to be honest, its one of the reasons i decided to start collecting infinity side by side to 40K as i can host games at my home comfortably.
All right, i think that was enought for today, you know whats comming, we ll be painting more infinity, more 40k and microarts building kits in following months and ll start gaming as well. Hope you ll be interested and thanks for visit!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Painting Infinity Merovingian starter set

Hi all! As you have allready noticed todays update is not going to be about another 40K model, but as i wanted to enrich my painting experience and display shelf i decided to paint something else than different coloured space marines. These minatures are from Force de Response Rapide Mérovingienne, Ariadna sectorial Starter Pack box whitch contains 6 miniatures in total and here you can see the bigger half of the content painted up.
I ve put all of my skills in to these figures and spent little more than six hours on these four pieces and i must say it was really challenging and satisfing experience at once. I am happy i improved a little since i ve been painting Uxia miniature couple of weeks ago as i ve been thinking a lot how to improve certain things especialy getting a cleaner paint job and richer colours. You are probably allready checking the picture noticing all the imperfections i ve made and there is plenty of them, but yes, i cant have all at once and must save something for later;-) However im glad miniatures ended up like this, the only think i might rework are the bases as they did not turned out as i wanted them, but i ll wait till tommorow morning and decide what to do with them when my head will be clean and able to think clearly(yes started drinking today allready). Thanks for visiting and see you by more pieces!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turmiel Showcase

Hello everyone! Realized i forgot to share latest showcase with you and here is Turmiel whitch was featured in couple of latest posts as i belive you can check how miniature really looks much better from a video. Dont worry, this is last post regarding this model and as i have new addition for my grey knight army finished allready there ll be gk update soon. Thanks for visit and now lets click play, set video to 720p and enjoy;-)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Liby got new base

Hi again! As i received a lot of complaints about base of my latest paintjob i started to feel like the model deserves better one. Here is he again, standing on a new base and i think my friends were right this time and it really heleped the model. I have used again tiles pattern, added some snow and grass to the lines between them to creat scene of freezing city that was ruined a time long ago. Thanks for the visit!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Librarian Turmiel as a time filler

Hello everyone again! I just took pictures of my recent paintjob i did yesterday after i returned from my trip to Prague when i just had nothing to do for the rest of day and realized i ve got this dude in my bits box. I altered games workshop colour scheme a bit as i did not want to bother with all the white/creamy robes as i knew package with more grey knight ll arrive soon and i want to have my table clean when they arrive but i chose to paint this one completely without use of airbrush(true i primed him white using it) to practice my brush painting. As you can see im still not where i would like to be with the quality as the paint is bit "muddy" and have to work on general cleannes of the paint but i think that should come naturaly with more time spent practicing painting with regular brush. But after all im quite happy how he turned out so i put him on a wooden base(have about 50 of these so have to use them somehow to thin my supply;-)) to take place in my display cabinet. Hope you like him at least a little and see you soon by grey knights project update! Thanks for visit and have a nice day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Basing tutorial: Pavement bases

Hi again! As i received more than couple of requests regarding bases on my grey knight army i decided to make a hort and simple tutorial how to make pavement bases your self.

1. Glue a cork to the bases using white or super glue, if using white glue let it dry for at least 24 hrs

 2. Draw the tiles on to the bases. You dont have to be super accurate but try to bring some order into it.

3. Most boring step, use sharp knife to carve lines between tiles using drawn lines as a guide.

4. Painted bases in black and then give them a coat of vma german grey. While at it i prepared L-shaped stencil for next step.

5. Using stencil and airbrush i highlihted corners of each tile, keeping the direction of hightlight for each base the same.

6. Wash carved lines with any black/dark wahs. Then i loaded sephia wash in to the airbrush and dusted the bases from a distance to give them slight sephia filter.

7. Attach models to bases and you are done.

Hope this little tutorial helped you out and thanks for visit! You can enhance these few simple steps even more, adding pigments to the bases, sand, or other details if needed, its really up to you and your imagination. See you!

Challenging my self - one year after - Uxia miniature

Hello everyone! Its been almost a year since i tried to challenge my self painting to my limits when trying to paint corvus belli miniature for infinity game. It did not ended well and i quickly escaped from infinity range back to the games workshops space marines;-) During this week i have been slowly working on a batch of next ten man squad of power armored grey knights for my gk project and while painting i came up with idea to try my luck on infinity minature again. Im glad i have friends like i have so after couple of sentences on facebook chat and couple of cigaretes by the window while waiting door bell rung and behind the door Uxia-testing piece was waiting for me.
Second day i cleaned the miniature and assembled it, to my surprise it was without my ussual problems i have while working with metal models, primed the figure white with airbrush and started painting. After quite a while its first model i painted using brush only and i ve been quite nervous about it but it went just fine except few stupid mistakes i did during the proces, but i think it was the purpose of the model: to check how my brush control evolved during the year and to found out if i grew as a painter at least a little bit.
Looking at the ressult i must say im still not a great miniature painter like i would like to be, but still i can see improvement since attempt last year and since another infinity miniatures are on the way i ll have more than one try to satisfy my hunger for improvement and reach my goal, paint nice gaming miniature. Will i succeed? Who knows, i hope i ll dont repeat mistakes i did while painting uxia and we will see;-)
See you soon as im just about to base my 10 man strong gk strike squad and thanks for visit!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forge planet review - Walker Double Autocannons

Hello visitors! As dreadnaught autocannons finaly arrived i decided to make a small review to share my impressions from forge planet product. I have ordered two pairs of these so it ll be hard to make kind of definite judgement over forge planet, and it seems bit unfair, but since when is the life fair?

1)Quality - i have carefuly checked the parts and discovedered few minor imperfections like couple of small air bubles on one pair, little rough surface on gun barells and misscasted cover of lens one one arm. Nothing that could not be repaired within ten minutes but i had to mention this. However second pair of autocannons was flawless. While one pair was ok with few little flaws(still better than most forge world production)the second pair was absolutely perfect.I must say the product quality is way above average, nearly perfect.

2)Value - Considering quality above market average i must say the product is definitely worth its price. Especialy if you compare it with expensive forge world autocannon arms for allready overpriced model.

3)Design/look - hard to make kind of definite judge as its matter of everyones taste. They are not as good looking as fw autocannons, but well at least these dont have bended barells. I think design of these is just OK, some of you may dislike them, some of you might like them even more than original parts and thats why there are pictures around. See yourself;-)

4)Shopping experience - forge planet store is easy to understand/navigate around. Shipping price is ok, payment is easy with paypal and till you pay everything is just as you are used from other places. However i had to wait 2 weeks until order changed status to shiped and about 17 days until i received package since payment. When i asked if package was shipped allready after almost two week since i placed order it took another two days to get simple one word reply. Dont know if its just my case but as i mentioned, life was never meant to be fair so im not ashamed to say - shopping experience at forge planet is below average.

To sum things up: Product it self is great, for more than fair price, good looking but if you are interested then order in advance and not the last week before tournament for what you need dread autocannons to fullfil WYSIWYG on your dreadnoughts;-) Definite judge? Tryzna recomends!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Razorback on my table done & showcase

Hello everyone, as i keep continuing on my grey knights project here is finished first of two planned razorbacks for my army. I took same steps as with my GK LRC couple of months ago as i am allready sick of rhino/razorback chasis for now, especialy after last autumn wave of commisions. However i managed to keep focused on painting on sunday for couple of hours and here is finished piece. I like  these grey tones more and more especialy when combined with sephia tones added as weathering and after long time i feel like i chose right colour scheme for my project and im especialy glad i decidet to not to do my grey knights in metalic silver. While at it i realized i did not updated my youtube chanell for several months so this morning i made a little showcase video just for you to showcase whats done so far and becouse in motion, everything looks more real. Sit back, enjoy and i would like to thank you for visit!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Grey knight dreadnought

Hi everyone! Here i am with another attempt at shading grey. I must say i like it most of my shading attempts so far and here i am to share the ressults with you. I used same colors like i always use with grey knights but this time i really concentrated to leave some of the german grey dark basecoat visible and create more contrast between shade and light and i think this was the right step to make and it moved this model level above my average. Wethering remained the same as i used in case of gk land raider. Sponged paint chips and then airbrushed sephia wash around them to give model worn look as i dont like clean models as i think battle damage is giving models a lot of extra atmosphere. However model is partialy finished as im still waiting for autocanon arms so you ll find a lot of inperfections on current ones as i really turbopainted them as they ll end up in trash can in couple of days anyway.
I think the end ressult is not bad for speedpainted model(took about 4 hours) and i bellive i ll enhance some of the details when the package with right arms arrive. Till then, here is what sits on my computer desk waiting for more grey knight reinforcements;-) Thanks for visiting and see you really soon as i have assembled and rdy for basecoat another model.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Continuing with grey knights

Hello my friends! Finaly, i found some time to update this stranded place and say hello to my folowers! Im back with couple of updates about what was happening on my painting desk since last update and im sorry to say, not much. As i am currently in cash saving mode for my flat rebuilding whitch ll start this weekend i was not spending a lot on models but i managed to somehow save some money from family purse and got somethink to share with you.
As you know i started working on grey knight army as a opposing force to my iron warriors(and according to rummors i ll start tau project very soon;-))and here are reinforcements to lonely land raider in my display shelf facing quite decent detachment of IWs.

First infantry for my new army were these power armoured grey knights. I tried to make shading little more intense than on the land raider and as you can see, its slightly more intense but not enought. However i like the miniatures and im pretty shure they ll look just nice on the gaming table.
Second addition as you can see is termintator squad, so LR will dont have to fell empty anymore. I improved nemesis force weapons as i felt they need little more contrast. Tried to enhance shading on their armour and here they are. Not the best grey knights around, but considering all my work is basicly speedpainted and figures dont take me more than hour or two i think they look just nice disembarking from their LRC.
Adding painting notes if some of you will want to recreate them for your self;-)

Basecoat: VMA german grey, then applied medium sea grey at about 45 degree angle, final highlight is pale grey blue from directly above the model. Just dusted sephia wash all over the models from distance to add slight filter.
Nemesis weapons: white basecoat, adding turquoise colour to create gradient, finishing it by adding hint of black to the dark ends of weapons blades.
Gold parts:Pretty simple VMA gold, all parts washed with diluted black wash(use thinner not water)and then drybrushed again with gold.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toying with grey knight land raider

Hello everyone! After month and few days long painting break whitch i had to take for several reasons and one of them was i strated playing MMOs again, second i need to save some money i would spend on models as i ll have pretty big expenses elsewhere in couple of month and third main reason was exhaustion, not exactly painting burnout, but i had a lot of work at job, lot of work at home and at some point i felt like i dont want to paint anythinkg at the time and did not wanted to push it and decided its time to do nothing at all, at least for couple of weeks.
And here i am, after month long break i ve painted land raider that was originaly purchased for my iron warriors army but insted of that it received grey knight colours. Dont worry, im not giving up Iron Warriors project, just started another one as a oposing force for my IWs so they can look at each other on my display shelf above painting/computer/anythink desk:-)

Must say I really enjoyed first model after that long break and i did not used anythink special, did not tried any new technique for this model, just the ussual steps i do every time when painting vehicle. And the ressult? Well i quite like how the model turned out, yes there are some details i missed but overall impression from the model is one of the best i achieved so far and i am really surprised major improvement came after that long break. Well, its up to you to judge if i am right or not, and i would like to hear your opinions.
This model is start of my little side project to add some variation to my painting desk, and to try few new colour schemes. I always wanted to try non metalic scheme for grey knights, but did not wanted to start an army becouse, and if are gaming at least casualy in your area you ll confirm, everyone has grey knights. At least everyone had year ago, but now with 6ed out for some time and new dexes comming, fotm fags are giving up on GKs and moving to other armies so i belive time has come for me to build at least patrol game sized force with few additions of model i like, like is this land raider or storm raven as a next vehicle model i would like to paint;-)
Thanks for reading guys, hope you like the model and see you really soon as i have the next piece almost finished, see you then!

Painting notes:
Hull: VMA medium sea grey as a bassecoat, VMA Pale grey blue for highlights
Rust effect: Airbrushed vallejo sephia wash in spots, concentrating on where i sponged paint chips and around rivets.
Chiped paint: sponged mix of burnt umber/black
Wash: every line, every rivet and every reces received oil wash of burnt umber with hint of black
Metallics: all boltgun metal, drybruhed silver

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