Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finaly done! Merevoginian and Jap starter armies

Hi everyone! Finaly, after two weeks im done with this little comission and im glad its behind me and as im saying every time i finish painting somethink for money, im done with comission, and this time i mean it;-) I just dont enjoy painting when its not for my pleasure and i really do not recommend this to anyone unless its for close friend and you owe him a favor like this case. I tried to keep good compromise between time spent/quality on miniatures as i agreed on about little more than half the price i ussualy charge(ahh these favors)and i hope it ll be enought to serve as miniatures for demo games at my favourite wargaming store. Yeah, these ll probably end horribly after couple of months of service and my personal opinion is they are painted just fine for their purpose. Right now i dont want to see infinity miniature for at least...well, at least till lunch when im planning to open one of the boxes with my reward for painting these two little armies. Have a nice rest of the weekend and thanks for visit!

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