Sunday, May 12, 2013

Second GK dreadnought & some toughts

Hello to all of you, after little delay i realized i forgot to share picture of my second GK dreadnought! Hes painted exactly the same as the first one, i just customized it a little using few grey knight bits and load of purity seals as i did not want to have two exactly same models on the table at once. Not much to say about paint it self as you can check painting notes of previevous dread if interested, but as you probably noticed my  grey knights are closing to the stage when my model collection will become playable army! Its always and interesting moment when you bring your carefuly painted models to the table and plasma blast templates ll start raining on your units heads;-)
 Im really looking forwar to this moment as its almost a year since i attended mini combat patrol tournament with my imperial guard and did not played since then. Not that i ve not been satisfied how my guardsmen performed, they raped dark eldars, lost to vanila space marines and almost tied against grey knights despite all my four chimeras even when deployed in cover exploded on first turn leaving just raped torso of my force against silver power armoured onslaught. Even it does not sound like a successful "tournament" i enjoyed how the guard plays but just could not force my self to paint another 40 guardsmen so i ve sold my army and started painting my Iron Warriors, i have them almost combat ready same as my grey knights waiting in display cabinet for latter as i want to finish GKs first and have IWs just as a fun army.
In the shadow of my bigger projects i have started painting infinity minatures as well and just while ago i finished painting Merovingian starter set and after i ll finish this post i ll probably go sit on my sofa and start reading rulles;-) However right after grey knights project will be finished you can expect some battle reports to enrich this little blog and will start another big project - infinity gaming table. Why infinity? I allready have few scenery pieces and games workshop buildings for 40K and the table it self as well, but if you are reading this blog regulary you know how small my appartment is and becouse infinity is played on 4x4 tables it big relief for space in my kitchen and to be honest, its one of the reasons i decided to start collecting infinity side by side to 40K as i can host games at my home comfortably.
All right, i think that was enought for today, you know whats comming, we ll be painting more infinity, more 40k and microarts building kits in following months and ll start gaming as well. Hope you ll be interested and thanks for visit!

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