Thursday, May 2, 2013

Librarian Turmiel as a time filler

Hello everyone again! I just took pictures of my recent paintjob i did yesterday after i returned from my trip to Prague when i just had nothing to do for the rest of day and realized i ve got this dude in my bits box. I altered games workshop colour scheme a bit as i did not want to bother with all the white/creamy robes as i knew package with more grey knight ll arrive soon and i want to have my table clean when they arrive but i chose to paint this one completely without use of airbrush(true i primed him white using it) to practice my brush painting. As you can see im still not where i would like to be with the quality as the paint is bit "muddy" and have to work on general cleannes of the paint but i think that should come naturaly with more time spent practicing painting with regular brush. But after all im quite happy how he turned out so i put him on a wooden base(have about 50 of these so have to use them somehow to thin my supply;-)) to take place in my display cabinet. Hope you like him at least a little and see you soon by grey knights project update! Thanks for visit and have a nice day!


  1. Looking good mate! Like the deviation that you took on it, and it looks great. Nice idea for the basing as well there. Quite nice indeed!

    1. Thanks Lee! Im styl trying to get used to regular brush, but i quite like the ressult on this miniature. Thanks for comment as always!


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