Friday, May 17, 2013

Calculating Infinity

This was not planned! And allong with the pile there is plastic bag full of unpacked models to add to my quee:-o As you see, im flooded by models i was not expecting at all and was thinking i ll finish my grey knights for the event i want to attend in less than two months. Instead of that i have table full of work and that means i ll be finishing GKs on last minute. But why is that?
I ve been asked by friends to paint two small infinity armies for their wargaming store in Prague and i said yes. Ussualy i dont take comissions on figures as i dont think im that good to fullfill customers expectation but this was different as friend asked for this favour and i just did not wanted to say "no, gtfo" in addition they are not expecting super quality paintjob as miniatures ll be used to play demo games so they ll probably wear and scratch of paint quickly so all i have to do is to keep standart i ve set this weekend working on the french sectorial starter.
So whats on to do list? Small Japanese Sectorial Army consisting of:

Japanese sectorial Army box
Arogato Senkenbutai bikes
and Tokusetsu Butai doctor

Not that hard, however all the white ll be challenge as im following box cover scheme. Anyway i have jap. sectorial allready glued and will start painting as soon as my girflriend wake up and ll be able to turn on compressor to prime the miniatures.
And as the oposing force there is:

Merovingian sectorial army box
Traktor mul
Dynamic duo(Margot & duroc)
Dozer, Field Engineer
and Chasseurs

I dont know if these armies are ballanced or not as i did not stated playing infinity yet whitch was my original plan for next week, but now i ve got plenty of models to paint! However this is priority number one, on my to do list. We ll see how it ll go, as im not limited by time, but yes, i think there is infinity week(or two) ahead of me. Thanks for visit and see you soon by the update!


  1. Ooo good luck with the infinity models.. they are fun to paint up, but a bit tiny in comparison to GW ones. But the details are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing your results!

    1. Yes, they are definetly fun, when i tried to paint first year ago i ended up frustrated, but right now i really enjoy these beautiful tiny metal soldiers. I just had to realize where are my limits and stop trying to copy quality on box cover at all costs and instead of that i focus on having fun and enjoy these beautiful sculpts.


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