Sunday, May 19, 2013

Small Yu Jing Army almost done

Hello everyone, just took fast snap shot of what i have been doing yesterday and maybee its a right time to share the progress with you. I ve spent about 8 hours yesterday to paint all of these and have small yu jing army based around Japanese sectorial army starter set and have Japan part of the job almost done. I still have to paint Tokusets Butai medic and my job is basicaly done. Unfortunately japanese sectorial box was missing one of the miniature so i ll have to make a little addition later.
Quality is not as good as in case of my small french gang as white/red combo is probably worst of what could occur on work bench as i hate working with these two colours, but what can you do when owner of figures insist on original colours even when noticed its not going to end great? However these pieces ll serve for in store demo games purposes and ll probably get worned off realy fast so i hope they are in sufficent quality to show customers there is "new" game around. Still have to do some corrections, make bases and i think the end ressult ll be just fine for its purpose. Thanks for visit and have a nice weekned!

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