Saturday, May 11, 2013

Painting Infinity Merovingian starter set

Hi all! As you have allready noticed todays update is not going to be about another 40K model, but as i wanted to enrich my painting experience and display shelf i decided to paint something else than different coloured space marines. These minatures are from Force de Response Rapide Mérovingienne, Ariadna sectorial Starter Pack box whitch contains 6 miniatures in total and here you can see the bigger half of the content painted up.
I ve put all of my skills in to these figures and spent little more than six hours on these four pieces and i must say it was really challenging and satisfing experience at once. I am happy i improved a little since i ve been painting Uxia miniature couple of weeks ago as i ve been thinking a lot how to improve certain things especialy getting a cleaner paint job and richer colours. You are probably allready checking the picture noticing all the imperfections i ve made and there is plenty of them, but yes, i cant have all at once and must save something for later;-) However im glad miniatures ended up like this, the only think i might rework are the bases as they did not turned out as i wanted them, but i ll wait till tommorow morning and decide what to do with them when my head will be clean and able to think clearly(yes started drinking today allready). Thanks for visiting and see you by more pieces!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work for 6 hrs mate. And i think they are great for "only" 6 hrs as well ;) Looking forward to more of them from you :)


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