Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Iron Warrios army build vlog - Part 3

Hello everyone, in third part of my iron warriors project log im going to tell you a bit about product im using for making snow themed bases many of you requested. Click play and enjoy;-)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bonewhite chosen marines

Hello everyone by next "finished" piece at my table. After worst week of every year at my work i finaly found time to almost finish new mini diorama containing chaos chosen miniatures from dark vengeance starter set. Im saying almost as i think base it self ll need rework as soon as i ll get more different coloured leaves. I tought creating autumn theme base will be easier and knew i might have a problem with leaves as all i have have same color and as you can see from the picture my worries became truth. I tried to pick random leaves and give them different coat of washes and it certainly helped but it was not enought to create realistic impresion so thats why i ll need to get back to this base sometime in the future when i ll get proper materials to finish this mini project.
Another challenge i had to accept was painting and shading white on the marines, i never painted figures with dominant white color but i did not worried about that as i wanted dirty/bone like white looking models and even while figures are painted far from being called parfect i like how white suits new chosen miniatures. I chose black color for shoulder pad and red for the skirt as those are creating nice contrasts on figures and i really like this color scheme so much im almost regreting i started painting my army as iron warriors;-)
Other than that i think this mini diorama can still be saved and become one of my better pieces but i ll have to think about fallen leaves positiong better and place them to more natural places and ll have to get more colours of leaves as well. Maybee add pools of water using water effect to enhance autumn atmosphere i wanted and failed to create.
Anyway i quite like how the scene looks and im planing making showcase video next week as i ll be home alone and will finaly have time to update my youtube channel, make another part of my iron warriors army building log and showcase few more pieces i painted in recent month.
Thanks for reading and see you by updates soon!

Painting notes:
Space marines - light earth base coat, then airbrushed bonewhite from about 45 degree angle, adding highlight of white from directly above the model. Then washed whole model with gryphone sephia wash concentrating on bottom parts. Metal parts are painted using steel colour and then washed by agrax earthshade wash in two layers. Flesh parts are leviathan purple and squid pink for highlights.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday WIP - Chsm assault mini diorama

Hello everyone! I know i have bad working habits, but i cant help myself and i ve started working on another "mini" project instead focusing on finishing my second iron warriors terminator squad. I decided to play a bit with another set of chaos chosen marines from dark vengeance set i had waiting in my bits box and as you maybe noticed in past couple of months i felt in love with wooden bases and space they provide to add more atmosphere to miniature and looks so much better in my display shelf than figures on regular gaming bases.
This time i decided its time to use Model Scene autumn leaves i bought this summer when i visited local local plastic kit competition/exhibition and do somethink different than snow themed scene. I ve been thinking about colour scheme for chaos marines for this scene for couple of days and i came to idea trying dirty white colour scheme for theme as it would create nice contrast with autumn colours im planing for the base it self.
I know painting marines in this scheme ll be difficult for me as i ve never painted/shaded white coloured power armor but everythink has to be for first time once and as im not painting this for competition but just for my pleasure from painting i decided to give it a try. As you can see from work in progress picture floating around it ll probably wont end up like my personal masterpiece but i feel like i like the colour scheme and it realy suits these new chsm models. In the end i ll position miniatures better to create scene of one marine charging and second one walking up the stairs to join his assault that all on the rainy autumn themed scene with red leaves floating around the ruined city. I know i revealed pretty big plans for the base it self and impression will depend on how good i ll be able to transform my ideas on to it but we ll see pretty soon as im excited about the project and cant wait to finish this piece. Thanks for visit, and see you (hopefuly) soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not dead yet!

Hello everyone, this morning i realized i did not updated this blog for quite while so i have decided to let everyone interested in whats going on. First i did not painted a lot this month, as i ve got some problems with my injured leg as it hurted a lot so i did not wanted to force me in to the painting and right when leg was feeling like ok i ve got flu like every year in begining of december. So another two weeks when i was not feeling good and i need to feel right to enjoy painting. All of that combined with xmas rush when our whisky store where i work is turning in to the madhouse every year, and bocouse of that im comming home every evening exhausted, just ready for bed, check whats going on on the internet, maybee watch a film and fall asleep while watching.
However i ve been painting a little and have almost finished another box of chaos terminators almost ready to  do the basing job and bring you requested snow basing tutorial. I hope i ll be able to finish them along with bases this weekend.
Then i ve got another land raider box underneath my table waiting to be assembled and painted so i hope i ll have time to paint it during the few free days after the xmas.
But till then i want to paint few "refreshment" pieces(in fact i enjoy painting these refreshments most;-)) as i still have lots of chosen marines from dark vengeance boxes and to add more joy to my painting table i ordered box of fenrisian wolves to make on more space wolves mini diorama contaning these and leftover wolf guard terminators i ve got here allready.
Thats my plan what i would like to paint till end of the year and in january i ll want finish my iron warriors army and start playig casualy so i ll hopefuly bring few battlereports as well to enrich this little painting diary with a little of gaming.
Thanks for visit, thanks for reading and see you soon by more painting related articles!;-)

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