Thursday, December 13, 2012

Not dead yet!

Hello everyone, this morning i realized i did not updated this blog for quite while so i have decided to let everyone interested in whats going on. First i did not painted a lot this month, as i ve got some problems with my injured leg as it hurted a lot so i did not wanted to force me in to the painting and right when leg was feeling like ok i ve got flu like every year in begining of december. So another two weeks when i was not feeling good and i need to feel right to enjoy painting. All of that combined with xmas rush when our whisky store where i work is turning in to the madhouse every year, and bocouse of that im comming home every evening exhausted, just ready for bed, check whats going on on the internet, maybee watch a film and fall asleep while watching.
However i ve been painting a little and have almost finished another box of chaos terminators almost ready to  do the basing job and bring you requested snow basing tutorial. I hope i ll be able to finish them along with bases this weekend.
Then i ve got another land raider box underneath my table waiting to be assembled and painted so i hope i ll have time to paint it during the few free days after the xmas.
But till then i want to paint few "refreshment" pieces(in fact i enjoy painting these refreshments most;-)) as i still have lots of chosen marines from dark vengeance boxes and to add more joy to my painting table i ordered box of fenrisian wolves to make on more space wolves mini diorama contaning these and leftover wolf guard terminators i ve got here allready.
Thats my plan what i would like to paint till end of the year and in january i ll want finish my iron warriors army and start playig casualy so i ll hopefuly bring few battlereports as well to enrich this little painting diary with a little of gaming.
Thanks for visit, thanks for reading and see you soon by more painting related articles!;-)


  1. Cool update, and lots of nice items coming along then. I have just picked up 10 Chaos Terminators with the FW Khorne pieces to add to them for a client. So should be a lot of fun to paint them up once these SW models are completed. Looking forward to your progress as always mate!

    1. Thx Lee, i ll do my best to dont disappoint with my next pieces!;-)


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