Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday WIP - Chsm assault mini diorama

Hello everyone! I know i have bad working habits, but i cant help myself and i ve started working on another "mini" project instead focusing on finishing my second iron warriors terminator squad. I decided to play a bit with another set of chaos chosen marines from dark vengeance set i had waiting in my bits box and as you maybe noticed in past couple of months i felt in love with wooden bases and space they provide to add more atmosphere to miniature and looks so much better in my display shelf than figures on regular gaming bases.
This time i decided its time to use Model Scene autumn leaves i bought this summer when i visited local local plastic kit competition/exhibition and do somethink different than snow themed scene. I ve been thinking about colour scheme for chaos marines for this scene for couple of days and i came to idea trying dirty white colour scheme for theme as it would create nice contrast with autumn colours im planing for the base it self.
I know painting marines in this scheme ll be difficult for me as i ve never painted/shaded white coloured power armor but everythink has to be for first time once and as im not painting this for competition but just for my pleasure from painting i decided to give it a try. As you can see from work in progress picture floating around it ll probably wont end up like my personal masterpiece but i feel like i like the colour scheme and it realy suits these new chsm models. In the end i ll position miniatures better to create scene of one marine charging and second one walking up the stairs to join his assault that all on the rainy autumn themed scene with red leaves floating around the ruined city. I know i revealed pretty big plans for the base it self and impression will depend on how good i ll be able to transform my ideas on to it but we ll see pretty soon as im excited about the project and cant wait to finish this piece. Thanks for visit, and see you (hopefuly) soon!


  1. It is off to a great start there Tryzna.. looking forward to seeing how it all comes out. I just picked up cork board for the first time myself.. so am looking forward to seeing how I can use it for small dioramas and what not as well!

    1. Mornin Lee! Cork is great material aspecialy when layered. In this case i combined it with filler i ussualy use for snow and base came out really nice from the sides, i ll take pictures later.


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