Saturday, April 28, 2012

Toying with camera - new imperial guard showcases

Hello one more time today, i did few improvements of light im using when taking pictueres and videos of my models, changed background as well and im quite satisfied with the ressults, now just start painting my minis better;-) I made showcase video for my imperial guard vehicles and today mentioned servitor. What a pitty valkyries are too big and they did not fit in to view of my camera, but i ll try to think about how to film them later. This is kind of revising video of the work i did on my imperial guard since january this year, excluding infantry. So if you were ever interested watching my ig tanks in motion now you ve got the chance!;-) Dont forget to let me know what do you think about them as listening to critique help me to improve with next models. Thanks for watching.


Servitor done

Good morning everyone, i ve juste woke up and decided to write quick update about what i have been doing past week. First and most important thing is that i ve finaly finished fallschirmjager company for flames of war. They just need to get basing done whitch is matter of couple hours and thats piece of cake after painting 96 15mm nazis. Other than that i ve finished servitor from krieg quartermaster set, i always liked this mini and im quite disapointed i did not managed to make him any better. When thinking about it im in middle of painting crissis when im painting hell lot of models but cant see any improvement, and it seems to me my painting is worse and worse. I have to do somethink about it and started just yesterday by practicing blending on piece of plasticard with not very convincing ressults. However i never surrender and im ready to continue practicing drill as its time to move on from just basecoat/wash/highlight edges rutine. I still enjoy painting, maybe even more than ever before but i just need to get in to somethink more advanced as i would like to do few infinity and scibor models and it would be shame to do them just the basic way im painting right now. In following week im probably gonna do few more flames of war pieces while waiting for packages from maelstrom games and ebay and most important im going to practice on plasticard as i really want to get better. See you next time!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Another sentinel done

Hi again, im back with another finished model. Its addition to my imperial guard army as i needed to give my eyes rest from painting fows tiny soldiers. I was working on this one for past couple of days, everyday couple of hours in the morning before i go to work. I quite enjoyed painting, however im not satisfied with the base but as this is going to be gaming piece i ll probalby left it as it.Not much to write about as i ve made video showcase with comenatary again. So if you are interested click play, sit back and enjoy;-) See you by next piece as more kriegs arrived and i ll try to finish fallschrimjager platoon this weekend as well. See you!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whats on the desk?

Hello everyone, quick weekly update about what am i working on. Excited by flames of wars rules i decided i ll start building alternative to my imperial guard army. I chose german fallschrimjagers as i always liked dark side of the force more than beloved good guys. I was considering russian tank army as well, but in the end i chose germans as i was frightened by painting huge ammount of models in russian case. I decided to try fow as its cheap(for the price of few gw models you can get whole army)and i always liked ww2 theme in books, movies, video games etc.(god, how i loved sudden strike) so i was wondering why not to try paint few models from these times. Yesterday i unpacked Fallschrimjager company box as this should provide me mandatory HQ and 2 troop choices. First impression was dissapontment, poorly casted minis with half of gun barells broken and second half bended by 180°, combined with confusion about order how should i glue them to bases i was almost broken for couple of minutes considering throwing these back in to their box and unpack basilica admainistratum i have rdy and waiting next to my desk. After a couple of cigaretes i decided to give them a try and started painting. With their size and my problems with focusing my eyes even on 28mm minis, combined with my partial colour blindness i could not hope for best ressult and allready knew i ll paint them just for joy of painting. And it came! i quite enjoyed painting and especialy basing as its totaly different experience than painting warhammer scaled minis. I really rushed through few of them as i want to finish them fast for gaming and then start focusing my imperial guard again. But still, company box contains 96 soldiers so i have a lot of little dudes left awaiting coat of paint.
While having unboxed sentinel, basilica administratum, more kriegs comming through post along whit even more fallschrimjagers this is going to be a bussy month. I ll try to make a basic colour modulation ...lets say brief "guide" as i think its nice alternative to traditional shading on vehicles and i want to stick on my second sentinel for coulple of hours and take care of datailing more than usual for me, so why not take few more wip pictures and share them with you. See you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Krieg commissar death rider

Hi all again! Today im gonna show you another krieg commissar i ve been working on past couple of days. I was given oportunity to paint this guy by friend of mine whos much more gamer than painter and when he asked me if i want to paint this mini for him i agreed with excitement.(i still dont know why he asked me as i think he paints to simmillar level as i am if he wants). However excitement evaporated slightly when i unpacked the model, it was obvious this was home made copy of original model but to pretty hight level comparable to what forge world dare to supply us losers in mid europe. Im not fan of counter fitted models but i knew what is this going be like so i started cleaning mold lines. Major disapointment came from material used, i never worked with that fragile material. Parts were broking under just little pressure, especialy thick horse legs so there was a lot of fixing and some parts could not be cleaned at all as under pressure crackles started appearing all around the mold line. One more surprise poped up while final assembling as i found front right leg is missing its upper part so i had to resculpt part of it but most of missing material was from the inside side so that was not a big deal. I did my best while painting this one, tried some blending on horse muscles however this was my first time painting horse si it did not ended as well as i could imagine but im quite satisfied with some parts, especialy muscles on neck came out exactly as i imagined, however i still need a lot of practice. Commisar was painted same way as my last one except quality of cast was not that high so i did not enjoyed it as much. I based it on to pretty big base and used most of my tree bark supply so i ll have to go again to the woods to ressuply but we decided to go for big base as this mini is probably going to sit in display cabinet forever, overwatching rest of my friends kriegs army. I enjoyed working on this as i did not rushed through him, i painted him for about four days, every day for about an hour so this was relaxing piece. As i dont like fake models its a pitty producer of this did not used better material as this is pretty fragile and i can not imagine his product ever becoming gaming piece as its probably going to break in to thousand of pieces after couple of games. I dont know whats going to be next model i ll share with you, probably dreadnought, however im still not decided if i ll do a standart space marine dread in imperial fists colours, or death company furioso one...and to make my decision even harder i have oportunity to buy second hand unpainted fw chaplain dreadnaught:-/ Have plans to start flames of war german paratroopers army next month as im pretty excited about new edition of fow rules and as another side project is probably going to be infinity gang as i ve been stunned by few models recently:-o  However i have last month of painting left for side/shelf pieces as i must add more tanks to my imperial guard army, so see you soon and hope you like now showcased commissar!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revising old pieces

Hi all again, as i wanted to test my new toy once more i decided to do a showcase vid for few models i did while ago. Now you can check commander Erich Sturm whitch was painted for upcoming allready mentioned campaign, two other pieces from cadian command squad and krieg commissar whitch was a big surprise for me and realy enjoyed painting him so much that i had rushed through him during one evening. These pieces are nothing new, but i think u might be interested how they looks captured from all angles as clasical static picture is somehow lacking atmosphere while vid can make thinkgs a lot more interesting. Enjoy and see you soon as i have another krieg commisar on my desk, but now riding horse and even i had problems with assembly and had to resculp half of his leg im really looking forward to finish him as soon as i ll have couple of hours of free time. See u!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yes i ve bought a web cam!

Hello everyone, i ve got good/bad news, it depedns how you look at this;-) I ve finaly bought a webcam so i can do showcase videos for my projects and that means all of you can listen to my terrible english;-) Anyway i made a first showcase video showing grey knights i ve painted last weekend. Most of whats in the video was allready mentioned on the blog, but if you want to see these dudes on video now you finaly can! Enjoy and please dont yell at me about my accent, it ll try to improve it i promise;-)

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