Saturday, April 28, 2012

Toying with camera - new imperial guard showcases

Hello one more time today, i did few improvements of light im using when taking pictueres and videos of my models, changed background as well and im quite satisfied with the ressults, now just start painting my minis better;-) I made showcase video for my imperial guard vehicles and today mentioned servitor. What a pitty valkyries are too big and they did not fit in to view of my camera, but i ll try to think about how to film them later. This is kind of revising video of the work i did on my imperial guard since january this year, excluding infantry. So if you were ever interested watching my ig tanks in motion now you ve got the chance!;-) Dont forget to let me know what do you think about them as listening to critique help me to improve with next models. Thanks for watching.



  1. Hi,
    I'd love to add you to the Network but please add our banner to your blog:


  2. Sorry, after week or so i tought you are not interested so i removed it. Now its back in place, thanks!


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