Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whats on the desk?

Hello everyone, quick weekly update about what am i working on. Excited by flames of wars rules i decided i ll start building alternative to my imperial guard army. I chose german fallschrimjagers as i always liked dark side of the force more than beloved good guys. I was considering russian tank army as well, but in the end i chose germans as i was frightened by painting huge ammount of models in russian case. I decided to try fow as its cheap(for the price of few gw models you can get whole army)and i always liked ww2 theme in books, movies, video games etc.(god, how i loved sudden strike) so i was wondering why not to try paint few models from these times. Yesterday i unpacked Fallschrimjager company box as this should provide me mandatory HQ and 2 troop choices. First impression was dissapontment, poorly casted minis with half of gun barells broken and second half bended by 180°, combined with confusion about order how should i glue them to bases i was almost broken for couple of minutes considering throwing these back in to their box and unpack basilica admainistratum i have rdy and waiting next to my desk. After a couple of cigaretes i decided to give them a try and started painting. With their size and my problems with focusing my eyes even on 28mm minis, combined with my partial colour blindness i could not hope for best ressult and allready knew i ll paint them just for joy of painting. And it came! i quite enjoyed painting and especialy basing as its totaly different experience than painting warhammer scaled minis. I really rushed through few of them as i want to finish them fast for gaming and then start focusing my imperial guard again. But still, company box contains 96 soldiers so i have a lot of little dudes left awaiting coat of paint.
While having unboxed sentinel, basilica administratum, more kriegs comming through post along whit even more fallschrimjagers this is going to be a bussy month. I ll try to make a basic colour modulation ...lets say brief "guide" as i think its nice alternative to traditional shading on vehicles and i want to stick on my second sentinel for coulple of hours and take care of datailing more than usual for me, so why not take few more wip pictures and share them with you. See you!

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