Saturday, April 28, 2012

Servitor done

Good morning everyone, i ve juste woke up and decided to write quick update about what i have been doing past week. First and most important thing is that i ve finaly finished fallschirmjager company for flames of war. They just need to get basing done whitch is matter of couple hours and thats piece of cake after painting 96 15mm nazis. Other than that i ve finished servitor from krieg quartermaster set, i always liked this mini and im quite disapointed i did not managed to make him any better. When thinking about it im in middle of painting crissis when im painting hell lot of models but cant see any improvement, and it seems to me my painting is worse and worse. I have to do somethink about it and started just yesterday by practicing blending on piece of plasticard with not very convincing ressults. However i never surrender and im ready to continue practicing drill as its time to move on from just basecoat/wash/highlight edges rutine. I still enjoy painting, maybe even more than ever before but i just need to get in to somethink more advanced as i would like to do few infinity and scibor models and it would be shame to do them just the basic way im painting right now. In following week im probably gonna do few more flames of war pieces while waiting for packages from maelstrom games and ebay and most important im going to practice on plasticard as i really want to get better. See you next time!

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