Monday, April 9, 2012

Krieg commissar death rider

Hi all again! Today im gonna show you another krieg commissar i ve been working on past couple of days. I was given oportunity to paint this guy by friend of mine whos much more gamer than painter and when he asked me if i want to paint this mini for him i agreed with excitement.(i still dont know why he asked me as i think he paints to simmillar level as i am if he wants). However excitement evaporated slightly when i unpacked the model, it was obvious this was home made copy of original model but to pretty hight level comparable to what forge world dare to supply us losers in mid europe. Im not fan of counter fitted models but i knew what is this going be like so i started cleaning mold lines. Major disapointment came from material used, i never worked with that fragile material. Parts were broking under just little pressure, especialy thick horse legs so there was a lot of fixing and some parts could not be cleaned at all as under pressure crackles started appearing all around the mold line. One more surprise poped up while final assembling as i found front right leg is missing its upper part so i had to resculpt part of it but most of missing material was from the inside side so that was not a big deal. I did my best while painting this one, tried some blending on horse muscles however this was my first time painting horse si it did not ended as well as i could imagine but im quite satisfied with some parts, especialy muscles on neck came out exactly as i imagined, however i still need a lot of practice. Commisar was painted same way as my last one except quality of cast was not that high so i did not enjoyed it as much. I based it on to pretty big base and used most of my tree bark supply so i ll have to go again to the woods to ressuply but we decided to go for big base as this mini is probably going to sit in display cabinet forever, overwatching rest of my friends kriegs army. I enjoyed working on this as i did not rushed through him, i painted him for about four days, every day for about an hour so this was relaxing piece. As i dont like fake models its a pitty producer of this did not used better material as this is pretty fragile and i can not imagine his product ever becoming gaming piece as its probably going to break in to thousand of pieces after couple of games. I dont know whats going to be next model i ll share with you, probably dreadnought, however im still not decided if i ll do a standart space marine dread in imperial fists colours, or death company furioso one...and to make my decision even harder i have oportunity to buy second hand unpainted fw chaplain dreadnaught:-/ Have plans to start flames of war german paratroopers army next month as im pretty excited about new edition of fow rules and as another side project is probably going to be infinity gang as i ve been stunned by few models recently:-o  However i have last month of painting left for side/shelf pieces as i must add more tanks to my imperial guard army, so see you soon and hope you like now showcased commissar!

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