Friday, March 29, 2013

Grey knight dreadnought

Hi everyone! Here i am with another attempt at shading grey. I must say i like it most of my shading attempts so far and here i am to share the ressults with you. I used same colors like i always use with grey knights but this time i really concentrated to leave some of the german grey dark basecoat visible and create more contrast between shade and light and i think this was the right step to make and it moved this model level above my average. Wethering remained the same as i used in case of gk land raider. Sponged paint chips and then airbrushed sephia wash around them to give model worn look as i dont like clean models as i think battle damage is giving models a lot of extra atmosphere. However model is partialy finished as im still waiting for autocanon arms so you ll find a lot of inperfections on current ones as i really turbopainted them as they ll end up in trash can in couple of days anyway.
I think the end ressult is not bad for speedpainted model(took about 4 hours) and i bellive i ll enhance some of the details when the package with right arms arrive. Till then, here is what sits on my computer desk waiting for more grey knight reinforcements;-) Thanks for visiting and see you really soon as i have assembled and rdy for basecoat another model.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Continuing with grey knights

Hello my friends! Finaly, i found some time to update this stranded place and say hello to my folowers! Im back with couple of updates about what was happening on my painting desk since last update and im sorry to say, not much. As i am currently in cash saving mode for my flat rebuilding whitch ll start this weekend i was not spending a lot on models but i managed to somehow save some money from family purse and got somethink to share with you.
As you know i started working on grey knight army as a opposing force to my iron warriors(and according to rummors i ll start tau project very soon;-))and here are reinforcements to lonely land raider in my display shelf facing quite decent detachment of IWs.

First infantry for my new army were these power armoured grey knights. I tried to make shading little more intense than on the land raider and as you can see, its slightly more intense but not enought. However i like the miniatures and im pretty shure they ll look just nice on the gaming table.
Second addition as you can see is termintator squad, so LR will dont have to fell empty anymore. I improved nemesis force weapons as i felt they need little more contrast. Tried to enhance shading on their armour and here they are. Not the best grey knights around, but considering all my work is basicly speedpainted and figures dont take me more than hour or two i think they look just nice disembarking from their LRC.
Adding painting notes if some of you will want to recreate them for your self;-)

Basecoat: VMA german grey, then applied medium sea grey at about 45 degree angle, final highlight is pale grey blue from directly above the model. Just dusted sephia wash all over the models from distance to add slight filter.
Nemesis weapons: white basecoat, adding turquoise colour to create gradient, finishing it by adding hint of black to the dark ends of weapons blades.
Gold parts:Pretty simple VMA gold, all parts washed with diluted black wash(use thinner not water)and then drybrushed again with gold.
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