Friday, March 29, 2013

Grey knight dreadnought

Hi everyone! Here i am with another attempt at shading grey. I must say i like it most of my shading attempts so far and here i am to share the ressults with you. I used same colors like i always use with grey knights but this time i really concentrated to leave some of the german grey dark basecoat visible and create more contrast between shade and light and i think this was the right step to make and it moved this model level above my average. Wethering remained the same as i used in case of gk land raider. Sponged paint chips and then airbrushed sephia wash around them to give model worn look as i dont like clean models as i think battle damage is giving models a lot of extra atmosphere. However model is partialy finished as im still waiting for autocanon arms so you ll find a lot of inperfections on current ones as i really turbopainted them as they ll end up in trash can in couple of days anyway.
I think the end ressult is not bad for speedpainted model(took about 4 hours) and i bellive i ll enhance some of the details when the package with right arms arrive. Till then, here is what sits on my computer desk waiting for more grey knight reinforcements;-) Thanks for visiting and see you really soon as i have assembled and rdy for basecoat another model.


  1. Very nice painting on this mate! Always nice to see your work!

    1. Thanks for kind comment, im glad i am back on the train again after couple of months long break;-)


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