Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another Razorback on my table done & showcase

Hello everyone, as i keep continuing on my grey knights project here is finished first of two planned razorbacks for my army. I took same steps as with my GK LRC couple of months ago as i am allready sick of rhino/razorback chasis for now, especialy after last autumn wave of commisions. However i managed to keep focused on painting on sunday for couple of hours and here is finished piece. I like  these grey tones more and more especialy when combined with sephia tones added as weathering and after long time i feel like i chose right colour scheme for my project and im especialy glad i decidet to not to do my grey knights in metalic silver. While at it i realized i did not updated my youtube chanell for several months so this morning i made a little showcase video just for you to showcase whats done so far and becouse in motion, everything looks more real. Sit back, enjoy and i would like to thank you for visit!

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