Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forge planet review - Walker Double Autocannons

Hello visitors! As dreadnaught autocannons finaly arrived i decided to make a small review to share my impressions from forge planet product. I have ordered two pairs of these so it ll be hard to make kind of definite judgement over forge planet, and it seems bit unfair, but since when is the life fair?

1)Quality - i have carefuly checked the parts and discovedered few minor imperfections like couple of small air bubles on one pair, little rough surface on gun barells and misscasted cover of lens one one arm. Nothing that could not be repaired within ten minutes but i had to mention this. However second pair of autocannons was flawless. While one pair was ok with few little flaws(still better than most forge world production)the second pair was absolutely perfect.I must say the product quality is way above average, nearly perfect.

2)Value - Considering quality above market average i must say the product is definitely worth its price. Especialy if you compare it with expensive forge world autocannon arms for allready overpriced model.

3)Design/look - hard to make kind of definite judge as its matter of everyones taste. They are not as good looking as fw autocannons, but well at least these dont have bended barells. I think design of these is just OK, some of you may dislike them, some of you might like them even more than original parts and thats why there are pictures around. See yourself;-)

4)Shopping experience - forge planet store is easy to understand/navigate around. Shipping price is ok, payment is easy with paypal and till you pay everything is just as you are used from other places. However i had to wait 2 weeks until order changed status to shiped and about 17 days until i received package since payment. When i asked if package was shipped allready after almost two week since i placed order it took another two days to get simple one word reply. Dont know if its just my case but as i mentioned, life was never meant to be fair so im not ashamed to say - shopping experience at forge planet is below average.

To sum things up: Product it self is great, for more than fair price, good looking but if you are interested then order in advance and not the last week before tournament for what you need dread autocannons to fullfil WYSIWYG on your dreadnoughts;-) Definite judge? Tryzna recomends!

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