Saturday, April 20, 2013

Basing tutorial: Pavement bases

Hi again! As i received more than couple of requests regarding bases on my grey knight army i decided to make a hort and simple tutorial how to make pavement bases your self.

1. Glue a cork to the bases using white or super glue, if using white glue let it dry for at least 24 hrs

 2. Draw the tiles on to the bases. You dont have to be super accurate but try to bring some order into it.

3. Most boring step, use sharp knife to carve lines between tiles using drawn lines as a guide.

4. Painted bases in black and then give them a coat of vma german grey. While at it i prepared L-shaped stencil for next step.

5. Using stencil and airbrush i highlihted corners of each tile, keeping the direction of hightlight for each base the same.

6. Wash carved lines with any black/dark wahs. Then i loaded sephia wash in to the airbrush and dusted the bases from a distance to give them slight sephia filter.

7. Attach models to bases and you are done.

Hope this little tutorial helped you out and thanks for visit! You can enhance these few simple steps even more, adding pigments to the bases, sand, or other details if needed, its really up to you and your imagination. See you!


  1. Looks great and seems fairly easy to make, good stuff - I will definitely try one day! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Really cool look. I will give this a go, thanks for the guide!

  3. Thanks for comments guys, i came up with idea carving tiles in to the cork becouse of my notorical lazzyness, as i wanted to order some kind of pavement bases from micro arts, but my wallet with credit card was on the oposite side of the room and i just did not wanted to stand up from my chair to get it. But fortunately i had cork and knife within the reach and this is the ressult;-)


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