Saturday, April 20, 2013

Challenging my self - one year after - Uxia miniature

Hello everyone! Its been almost a year since i tried to challenge my self painting to my limits when trying to paint corvus belli miniature for infinity game. It did not ended well and i quickly escaped from infinity range back to the games workshops space marines;-) During this week i have been slowly working on a batch of next ten man squad of power armored grey knights for my gk project and while painting i came up with idea to try my luck on infinity minature again. Im glad i have friends like i have so after couple of sentences on facebook chat and couple of cigaretes by the window while waiting door bell rung and behind the door Uxia-testing piece was waiting for me.
Second day i cleaned the miniature and assembled it, to my surprise it was without my ussual problems i have while working with metal models, primed the figure white with airbrush and started painting. After quite a while its first model i painted using brush only and i ve been quite nervous about it but it went just fine except few stupid mistakes i did during the proces, but i think it was the purpose of the model: to check how my brush control evolved during the year and to found out if i grew as a painter at least a little bit.
Looking at the ressult i must say im still not a great miniature painter like i would like to be, but still i can see improvement since attempt last year and since another infinity miniatures are on the way i ll have more than one try to satisfy my hunger for improvement and reach my goal, paint nice gaming miniature. Will i succeed? Who knows, i hope i ll dont repeat mistakes i did while painting uxia and we will see;-)
See you soon as im just about to base my 10 man strong gk strike squad and thanks for visit!

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