Saturday, July 6, 2013

Almost done painting Grey knights army - warrior acolytes

Hello everyone, finaly i pushed my self to paint at least ten guardsmen to act as warrior acolytes in my grey knight army. I wanted to make them look at least little interesting when compared to regular cadian guardsmen so ive spent some extra time while asembly. First and obvious adjustment is use of heads with gas masks and frizt like looking helmets from forge planet. I liked them when i ve seen them on forge planet website so i ordered them along with walker autocannon arms couple of months ago as i knew i ll probably want couple of guardsmen in my army. They look great, but they are bigger then i expected so my henchmen have heads big like baloons but it looks just fine and panic i felt when i tried to glue first head to the body was unneceseary.
Second little extra is that i ve added bag to each ones back. I had just one so i had to make copies and as im time press right now and have to finish this army in just couple of days i had to simplyfy copying process by half. I ve made on sided mold from green stuff and when it hardened enought ive been pressing little balls of green stuff in to it. Unfortunately i did not had enought time to make even one sided copies properly and have to remove parts from mold when gs was still soft so they are not precise copies but they are just fine for they purpose of beign carried around by humble guardsman.
These two adjustements to regular cadian was enought for me to make them look interesting. What a shame i   ve been delaying finishing the army so much i dont have more time to add cables from las gun to bag to make them look like hot shoot lasgun but i dont care much as they are probably going to act as cheap objective camping unit or driving around in chimera(in next stage of my grey knights project).
I simplified painting as much as possible as well but i ll sum it below in painting notes. In the end i quite like how they look, i think i might enhance lenses on their gas masks if i ll have hour or two of free time before i ll pack them in to army transport case next week. But other than that i like how they turned out, compared to regular guardsmen. See you soon by more updates as i ll be finishing 1500point army in two following days. Thanks for reading & see you!

Basecoat: VMA Panzer yellow
Camo: Turqoise and mix of red/burnt umber(3:1) - all airbrushed using stencil
Wash: Agrax earthshade to unify cammo colours a bit
Rest: obvious

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