Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revising old pieces

Hi all again, as i wanted to test my new toy once more i decided to do a showcase vid for few models i did while ago. Now you can check commander Erich Sturm whitch was painted for upcoming allready mentioned campaign, two other pieces from cadian command squad and krieg commissar whitch was a big surprise for me and realy enjoyed painting him so much that i had rushed through him during one evening. These pieces are nothing new, but i think u might be interested how they looks captured from all angles as clasical static picture is somehow lacking atmosphere while vid can make thinkgs a lot more interesting. Enjoy and see you soon as i have another krieg commisar on my desk, but now riding horse and even i had problems with assembly and had to resculp half of his leg im really looking forward to finish him as soon as i ll have couple of hours of free time. See u!

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