Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Undead machines

Hello everyone! Just came from the minigolf game and finaly found time to take pictures of few necron warriors i painted on sunday/monday evenings. Why necrons? Well i was so excited about necron second wawe models   and decided to try painting few necron warriors i saw at my friends bitz box as a practice for canoptek wraith and spider as i really want to paint them, maybe start another small army based around battleforce and few models i like. When taking pictures i plugged webcam in and took showcase vid as well. I went for traditional colour scheme. Basecoating whole models with mix of black and vma steel (2:1 ratio) and then highlighting from above of model with pure vma steel. Added rusty look by spraying vallejo sephia wash all over them except from above. Then washing their joints and shoulders with devlan mud, continuing on shoulders with two layers of badab black wash, pulling the wash away from shoulder edges. Glowing effect is done by scorpion green diluted about 10:1 for water, carefuly adding layer after layer until achieving desired effect. Pretty straightforwad mini but i like atmosphere and impresion when looking and them, hope you like them too and see you next time!

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