Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Relaxing & necron dilemma

Hello everyone, after one week of painting break im back with little update. I ve been mainly relaxing, enjoying new diablo game, watching ice hockey and tried to paint aobr deffkopta i ve ordered from ebay. Well when you look at pictures around you may notice its not my best piece around. I know it, and i blame my self for ressult as i was really lazzy to even plug in my airbrush and did everythink like when i was begining with model painting, including all common mistakes;-) On the other side i enjoyed this quick piece, it filled my time when i was bored and reminded me how quickly paintjob can turn in to total mess when not following my ussual painting habits. But enought of about deffkopta painting ideas and lets tell you what ll come in following weeks.

As i quite enjoyed few necron pieces i did recently i ve decided to start another small army. Dont get me wrong, i still like my imperial guard but currently i dont know whitch models to buy as i ve got core of army finished allready, but with next edition of 40k rulles around the corner i dont want to buy models i ll dont play due to rulles changes. So i ve decided to put guard on hold and start doing somethink elese. Originaly i tought my next 40K army ll be Tau, but then i saw necron second wawe and knew these are the models i really want on my display shelf. As you know i did few testing pieces and im quite happy with the ressults.

 Now i ve got a dilemma, do i really need another army? Im playing about 1 game of 40k per month so would not be better for me to just paint couple of non imperial guard related models while waiting for 6th edition?
Im still not 100% decided to go for necron battleforce as a next box im going purchase from my limited nerd budget but i think it would not harm me if i ll have big guard army stationary at our local game club while having small necron force at home, sitting on my display shelf waiting for occasionall games we are having time to time in my kitchen. In addition when i took a look at the number of visitors to this blog and positive feedback i ve received since i did first necron testing pieces i think it ll not hurt my painting diary either as it ll add little more variety to this place. Well i think it is time to say: except more necrons soon and thanks for reading! See you;-)


  1. You say the deffkopta isn't your best paint job, but it still looks sharp, nice and bright! Looks fast just siting there

  2. Thanks, im glad you like the model but for me it just dont feel right when looking at it. Anyway i think it ll serve good as im going to donate this to our wargaming club for newbies to pick for free, at least it ll please someone;-)


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