Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jozef the canoptek spyder done

Hi all! Finaly, my new pet arrived! I ve spent saturday afternoon painting this piece and today i ve been working on base and few datails while watching tv, eating, cleaning, cooking and all the stuff people usualy do on sundays. Painting this was one big experiment as if you exclude basecoat of wma steel and scorpion green its painted by just washes. I ve never tried this aproach before on biger surface so i did not knew what the ressult ll be, and it turned quite well however i managed to damage coat and had to do black parts again, but unfortunately as the original layer was ressult of about 10 layers of wash and when i was reworking to achive desired effect it allready started beign visible there is to many layers of paint so i simplified whole proces and left it as it is on the pictures. I ll make showcase and painting notes video probably tommorow so if you are interested about painting process and how i achieved what i achieved wait for the next post;-) Thanks for reading and have a nice sunday!

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