Monday, May 14, 2012

Jozef showcase and painting notes

Hi again, im back as promised with showcase vid and painting notes. You can read on or if you enjoy listening to my terrible accent you can just click play below;-)
Painting of this piece was...well if i had to say it by one word it would be dissaster. Not because of the model it self but day before postman delivered me package with this spider the light bulb in table lamp cracled. Well that was no big deal i replaced it with one i found in my storage boxes but it was much stronger and at first i was impressed how much light i have on my desk now but it was emiting extreme heat, i was sweating during whole painting and whats worse, when i was trying to speed up drying of the wash by just holding model near the bulb then after few seconds i noticed there is black smoke comming from his carpace part, damaging the coat, ruining the effect i achieved by about 8 layers of wash. I had to paint whole carpace again, but as i had too many layers of paint on it i had to simplify it to about 3 layers and here is the messy ressult. Then i realized there is to much heat on the table and found out that was the reason of many distractions during painting as i had to complete dissasemble and clean my airbrush about 4 times during painting as the paint was drying really really fast even inside of it, cloging an creating uneven surfaces.

 Enought of excuses, now lets tell you a bit about whole painting process. I chose really simple approach, same as with necron warriors i was showcasing about week ago as i wanted clasic color scheme with few little adjustments to fit my personal taste and knowing the less im going to do on the model the less i ll be able to mess. After priming,  model received coat of model air steel and then i started airbrushing vallejo washes. First layer was just dusting sephia wash around to create illusion of dusty metal, but i ve been careful not to add to much as it can turn in to really rusty look very fast and i wanted to avoid that. Then i ve added several coats of black wash to all the black parts to rehighlight them again with sephia wash once more. And thats it, i chose washes over black paint as surface created by this way is much more interesting and its really mat while still showing some of the steel basecoat. You can do chipping on this surface really easy as surface created like that is really fragile and all you have to do is to slide nail against the edge and you ll receive nice crackle showing the base colour underneath. Then i ve just sealed everything by matt varnish and here is the ressult. Hope you like the model as i do. I know its not going to win painting competition, but i think its a nice gaming piece, what about you?Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading, see you!


  1. looks awsome, i've had my necrons since before the new codex but i haven't got around to painting them yet. I love the simple but beautiful paint style you have, think i'll do something similar

  2. Thanks, im glad you like them. I chose "simple" scheme as this is just side project to my imp. guard and i cant help my self but i like this classical black/green scheme most than today popular "all colours of ranibow" themes;-)


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