Saturday, May 26, 2012

Necron painting tutorial

Hi all! First i must say im exhausted, took a painting marathon today as i started working on necron battleforce. While asembling warriors i came up with idea to do somethink else than just another showcase video showing you what i have done so i plugged webcam in a little earlier than ussual and pressed rec button time to time trying to describe what i am doing. It is first tutorial i ve ever made so i belive there is a lot of room for improvement so i ll try to do my best with the next one depending on feedback. I did not take hd pictures of the ressult as they are identical to testing pieces i did about month ago so i ll take more shots when whole battleforce ll be done. Hope this little tutorial ll help at least somebody in the future and i beg you, please excuse my english, i ve been trying to improvise as best as i could, but sometimes it was hard to find right words even in my mother tongue, and even harder when i was trying to translate my toughts instantly as i did theese shots on first try. I belive i ll improve with next videos and please, be patient with me;-)

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