Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LOL, im on the gw blog!

Hello everyone! Well not exactly me as i stated in the title but one of my latest creations made it to the pages of games workshop blog! Yes its the Jozef my canoptek spyder.
Well i think its a great success and encouragement  for someone like me who is trying to improve my painting and still unable to notice any improvement. I needed somethink like that as im currently depressed working on my ghost ark. As i ruined the model by my indecision as i ve switched between few colour themes while painting, unable to decide whitch one i want and it ended as it ended. But more about ghost ark, wip pictures, final pictures, maybee a showcase if i ll manage to save this model from the depths of basic table top quality this weekend. I still belive i ll mange to enhance it somehow, but im affraid not everything turns out as happy end:-/ Thanks for your support, comments, youtube subs and see you in couple of days with an update!;-)

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