Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moar silver skeletons! - necron sprint continues

Hi all! Finally finished ghost ark and immortals. Ghost ark was a sad story and its hopefuly sold allready(waiting for money transfer confirmation)as i did not managed to save model. I should have stayed with originaly planned white colour scheme for necron vehicles, but i dont remember why, i ve just came from work on monday evening and oversprayed whole model with black paint....i know, it sounds werid, but time to time i just do werid things and cant explain why.
Immortals are another story, i enjoyed painting same as necron warriors. Maybe even more as they gave me oportunity to practice blanding on their anal cables;-) Dont have much more to say as i ve painted them same way as warriors.I hope you like them more than ruined ghost ark and see you by next article, it ll probably be showcase of finished necrons i have on the shelf or necron anihilation barge as my small skeleton army needs hq choice and some more firepower to succeed in patrol games;-) Thanks for reading guys and see you!

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