Monday, June 11, 2012

Annihilation barge - necron project closing to end

Im glad i can say hi again!;-) After week of slacking around i started working on necron annihilation barge on friday evening. Well i decided to give clasical colour theme one more try. I did not wanted to use straith black on the model so i mixed black with scorp. green about 4/1 for black to give the model slight green tone. I was afraid how it ll turn out, but in the end im glad i did it as i like it much more than pure black i used when painting ghost ark. Rest of painting was pretty straightforward. Main gun was basecoated with wma steel and then it received coats of black and then sephia wash. And glow effect was done with scorpion green again. I failed horribly when trying to create illusion of glowing surface as i added to much of paint so i have to remember for next time the less is more. As you can see on the picture i tryied to fix this error but i was to lazzy to mask everything else than vertical "wing" with masking tape ande rework it completely i just took my basecoat mix diluted it with water and applied it to the areas i wanted to darken with brush. Well it really darkened the model but left few nasty brush strokes around the model. Otherwise im happy with the model, its not my best piece but it looks well on the gaming table. Necron vehicles in general did not suit my paint style so i decided to call an end to my necron project at this stage. I have to finish base for necron overlord i ve been working on as well and do six scarab swarm bases and that ll be it. I ll have enought models to play patrol or kill team games in my kitchen. I might reworg that messed wing on annihilation barge later, maybe i ll add new wraiths as i really like the models but i think i need some rest from 40K right now. At least till the new edition release when i ll paint new starter set for shure and then i ll start working on my imperial guard again. Till then i ll probably be painting flames of war models i allready have as i ve tried first game of fow this weekend and i must say i really liked it. So i hope you are not disgusted by my latest paint job and see you by next post where i ll probably showcase my finished necrons as whole. Thanks for reading and see you!

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