Sunday, June 17, 2012

wow, on the gw blog again!

Hi again guys, i ve just accidentaly found out another of my models made it to the pages of gw blog. I ve just wanted to watch alien movie to continue prometheus experience from friday and then i realized i did not checked gw pages for a while. Im pretty surprised they chose my model as it was first piece i ve painted using airbrush, but if bw blog editor likes it, then why not?;-) It reminds me i ll have to build few ig pieces again, to see if i improved my self at least a little and ll be able to use new experience i ve got while painting necrons on ig stuff, but still, with 6ed around the corner i dont want to spend money on model i ll not play becouse of rulles changes. Have to wait for couple more weeks and then i ll start working on my ig again. Maybe its time to read another part of Gaunt ghosts to get some extra motivation;-) Till then i ll continue working on fow army, today i painted mortar platoon and have to finish bases for them and next month i ll probably add tiger tank to have army rdy for 1500 points games and by then there should be new 40k rulles allready in stores.Thanks for reading and support guys, see you soon!

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