Thursday, June 14, 2012

Necron overlord and army showcase done

Hi again everyone! With the HQ choice finished, im glad i can say i ve just finished my combat patrol necron army. I kept painting as simple as with my warriors and immortals, just payed a little more attention to details. I know the base would need a little more polishing but as i ve said in my last post, im exhausted by necrons right now and im glad i can put them to the display shelf right now.
I quite enjoyed painting necron miniatures, even the warriors as they gave me oportunity to try my first attempts at color blending on their cables and i think i started understanding how blending works but it ll still takes a lot more minis till i ll feel comfortable with this technique, but i think thats what i enjoy on miniature painting as it reminds me learning curve i had to climb with guitar playing;-) However vehicles were another story, i failed horibly on them and they just did not suited me and were exact oposite to imperial guard vehicles where i dont enjoy painting infantry much, but ll probably never get bored by painting leman russ or valkyrie. However its up to you to judge my necrons and let me know how do you like them. So i would like to thank you for reading and i hope i ll handle future projects much better than this one. See you!;-)

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