Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last piece of puzzle - fow tigers

Hello everyone! It s been quite a while since i shared whats on my work bench so here is quick update. I ve just finished battlefront Tiger tanks as i wanted to add some heavy support to my fallschrimjager army. These models were quite simple, and i chose simple approach as i do not enjoy detailing 15mm models and these are meant to be humble gaming pieces. Dont get me wrong, i still tried my best to have nice looking gaming models, but i just dont like battlefront detailing and want to have fow army finished asap so i just rushed through these iconic tanks in couple of hours. I think they ll look just fine on gaming table, especialy when you consider their scale.
Anyway im really looking forward tommorow as i ve just received email from hobby store im usualy ordering from, letting me know my gamers edition copy od 40K 6ed rulles finaly arrived!;-) So when i ll wake up i ll have cup of coffe, couple of cigaretes and ll have a quick trip to the Prague to grab it and ressuply my shelf with 40K models. Im going to purchase blood angels death company marines as i like their miniatures a lot and with 6ed i ll be able to use them as allied force along with my imperial guard. On the new allies rulles, i must say i really like this concept as i ll dont have to build whole small army every time i ll want to paint models from other codexes. I think new rulles ll bring us more interesting looking armies as certain combinations looks very atractive, for example chaos space marines and daemons! Well, see you by tommorow with new rullebook and new kits im going to bring on to my workbench;-)See u!

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